Hall of Shame #2

Hello ! I am Dominick !

I really liked your narrative… you took the time to describe yourself and paint a picture of the person behind the profile.
I am a geek… in an athlete’s body !

I live in Orlando…own a home here…


I am a PT with my own private practice, Certified Special Olympics coach who works with the most wonderful heros you ever met, Motivational speaker and author, and Nutritionist. I speak for many groups including the Orlando Fire Department, Local Schools, event the Orange county JAIL and Juvenile Detention Center ! Yes… I am also a semi pro triathlete…

I search for honesty… loyalty… a genuine person… something solid… someone passionate about life.

I wanted to send a different reply !

Would you take a moment to read below ?

Things I love that make me happy !

Running to the lake each morning to watch the sunrise with my dogs.

Being awaken by my little kitten each morning as she says… Hey DAD.. feed me !

The early morning quiet.. before sunrise… when all is peaceful and calm.

That peaceful moment at night… just before you fall asleep.

Watching an osprey dive bomb the fish at the lake !

Windsurfing at the coast… going 20 mph and feeling like flying !

That moment just before a race… when there is that silence.. that peace… before the starting gun !

Waking up each morning and feeling blessed … feeling appreciation and gratitude for all your blessings.

Going to sleep each night… knowing you filled the day with good things, hard work.. and lived fully !

The special feeling I get when working with my special Olympics athletes… they are true heros… and inspire me !
Yes.. I love kids !

Working with my High School rowing team… actually training with them… setting a good example for them to follow !

Every year I go someplace special…
1996 Alaska ! AWESOME !
1997 Vermont cycling tour in the Fall !
1998 Utah Mountain bikeing !
1999 San Diego Olympic training center
2000 The keys !
2001 Rhode Island Triathlon
2002 Camping North Carolina Mountains
2003 Panama City Beach IRONMAN triathlon
… and went to the KEYS !
2004 LAKE PLACID new york ! IRONMAN event !

I enjoy so many fun things… kayaking, rollerblading, swimming, triathlons, dancing, long walks, the beach, canoe trip down a lazy river… travel… but also relaxing times. a fire in the fireplace or swim in the springs !
Good conversation over a nice meal… simple things … simple pleasures.

I Hope to hear from you ! Thanks for reading this far !


What Went Wrong:

  • Spelling isn’t bad, but what is up with the (space) + ! punctuation? Writing like that makes a person sound like an airhead ! Don’t you agree ?!
  • “I speak for many groups including the Orlando Fire Department, Local Schools, event the Orange county JAIL” (Please realize that frugality applies not only to one’s finances, but to one’s use of capitalization as well.)
  • “Subject: A UNIQUE REPLY !” (After the first three or four lines, this email is obviously a copy and paste of a pre-written spiel. Not flattering, and certainly not “UNIQUE !”)

Overall Impression:

This guy sounds like a cheerleader. I don’t think I could handle that much peppiness.

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  1. LAY…
    ….SYRUPY ………….

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