Hall of Shame #8

Funny and Good Looking (or is it funny looking?)

32-year-old man
Pine Castle, FL, US
Subject: Okay – so I’m a Circuit City guy

Buy can opposites really make it work?

Anyway I won’t give you the “blah – blah – blah” about how beautiful you look in your photos and how much I love Asian women. (If you had a nickel for every one of those you got …)

So if you’re up to reading my profile, (by the way, the photos in the black shirt are from several years ago – intended to show that I can dress nice – HEY , it’s my lie and I’ll tell it how I want to) and then, are not scarred off – I look forward to chatting with you.

Take care,

p.s – You really look beautiful in your photos and I just LOVE Asian women.


What Went Wrong:

  • “not scarred off” (I know, I know…I’m a broken record about this, but watch those typos!)
  • “p.s – You really look beautiful in your photos and I just LOVE Asian women” (Oh please, spare me the coy declarations of your Asian fetish. Why do men think this is a flattering statement? Only a golddigger and/or an airheaded bimbo would be happy to know that her primary appeal lies in a set of arbitrary physical characteristics and assumed cultural characteristics–subservience-BAH!–that have nothing to do with her skills, accomplishments, or experiences.)

Overall Impression:
Mildly disgusted by the statements regarding “Asian women.” Automatic downgrade from “Maybe” to “No way.”

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One thought on “ Hall of Shame #8

  1. – Circuit City? Pathetic. CC is for the lazy, uneducated tech buyer who 1. likes to overspend and 2. enjoys harassment from commission-based sales personnel reminiscent of local car salesmen in a cheap suits. Neither quality being desirable to Caustic.
    – Regarding the “photo from several years ago”:
    1. Steve hasn’t dressed nice in YEARS
    2. Now = more wrinkles, less hair
    P.S. You really look like a douche bag in your photos and I just HATE men with Asian fetishes.” 😉

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