BFL Journal C2W4D7

Thoughts: I’ll say this much for the series of hurricanes that have hit Florida recently–at least most of them manage to rip through without disrupting my workout schedule or meals. Charley tore through from 9-10 pm on August 13, so I was able to get UBWO and cardio done the next day without any problems. My power was only out for about 24 hours as well, and I was well-stocked with shakes and bars. No problems with food there. Frances took her time arriving and leaving, but wasn’t at all severe in my area. I lifted weights at home on Friday, went to the ex’s apartment’s fitness center for my cardio run on Saturday, Sunday was a rest day, and by Monday I was doing my next weight training workout back at my apartment again.

Now Jeanne is ruining another Florida weekend, but fortunately, she’s striking on Sunday, my rest day. If the projections are accurate, she’ll be out of our hair by tomorrow, so once again, I’ll be on track for lifting. There’s no telling if the gym will be open, though, so maybe it’s just as well that my father hasn’t come by to pick up my Danskin weight bench set for my mother. (Did I mention that Mommy Wang is taking up weight training, too? My entire family is now on the fitness wagon. I’m trying to convince her to get an inexpensive elliptical trainer for cardio as well. Too many years as a skinny-fat person have taken their toll on her knees and endurance. When menopause hit her, she found herself suddenly packing on the pounds as her metabolism slowed without the help of a decent amount of muscle mass to keep it at a decent level.)

I’m going to spend the day eating clean at the regular times, drawing, working on the computer as long as I have power, cooking, sewing, and maybe playing some video games. I’m not sure how long the electricity will last, so I’m going to go take care of the cooking part first. It’s going to be a heavy salad week for me. Publix had Romaine lettuce on sale for 69 cents a head, and I went a bit overboard on stocking up. Spinach and mushrooms were super cheap, too, which translates into lots and lots of leafy green thingies for me over the next 5 days.

Nutrition (1300-1400 low day)
1: Banana raisin walnut muffin
2: Chocolate banana shake
3: Thai chicken salad with peach
4: Chocolate banana shake
5: Chinese chicken salad
6: Cottage cheese and blueberries

Multivitamin with iron
Calcium 500 + D
1 T. flax seed oil

Calories eaten and deficit for yesterday = 2019/ -93 (target -337)
Water: 10 cups
Ratios: 41% carb / 40% protein /19% fat

None planned

The Awful Truth:
1. I had a bowl of shredded wheat with raisins and milk last night when I realized that my written plan was going to be around 300 calories short of my target, then had to chug down 1.5 servings of protein powder with water to make up for the carb overload. 😉

Brownie Points:
1. Still didn’t spend any money on frivolous things despite being cheated out of skinny clothes shopping day by the hurricane.
2. Took my 4 week pics and ordered prints from Snapfish already.
3. Met my high day calorie target even though I didn’t really have a free day.

Short-term Goals:
1. Make a pair of pants!
2. Draw.
3. Do NOT give into temptation to sleep the day away despite foul weather outside.

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