BFL Journal C2W5D3

Thoughts: I’m running out of workout and food-related BFL chit chat to put in this “Thoughts” area. Heh. I think it’s another sign that I

  • A) am automatically doing BFL without conscious thought, and
  • B) need to find other things to do now to fill my time! (A friend of mine recommends some kind of martial arts where I can kick the hell out of something/one since my legs are becoming monstrous.)

Oh, I guess there are two things to report. I did LBWO this morning and went back to dbell squats to let my upper spine/neck/spinal cord rest and heal. I still felt some pressure in my cranium, but not nearly the amount that I felt with the Smith machine barbell. I’m going to stick with the dbells for another 2 weeks. The second item I have to report on is the terrible form used by the other woman on the ladies’ free weight floor with me. She was on the Smith machine with 95 lbs total weight, and she didn’t even come near 90 degrees when she did her squats. She also bounced them instead of controlling the weight up and down. What’s the point of even doing them if you are going to cheat your body like that? No wonder she had toothpick legs with no muscle tone.

Nutrition (1800-2000 high day)
1: Chocolate banana shake (3×1 veggie omelette with pumpernickel toast)
2: Tuna stir fry with apple (PB shake)
3: Strawberry raisin bar (PB shake)
4: Cottage cheese and strawberries
5: Tuna stir fry with brown rice
6: Chocolate banana walnut muffin

Multivitamin with iron
Calcium 500 + D
1 T. flax seed oil
1/2 serving GNC Creastack

Calories eaten and deficit for yesterday = 1259/ -891 (target -337)
Water: 11 cups
Ratios: 40% carb / 41% protein / 19% fat

7:30 am LBWO at the gym

9 am steady-state run at 5 mph / 0% incline / 10 minutes

The Awful Truth:
1. Substituted other choices for meals 5 and 6 last night: Veggie omelette with toast for meal 5 and shredded wheat and raisin cereal with a scoop of protein powder for meal 6.

Brownie Points:
1. Did my dishes this morning before heading out to the gym.
2. Swapped out about half of my LBWO exercises.
3. Bought most of the items in my grocery list yesterday except for CC, which was completely out of stock because the store was throwing out all of their frozen and refrigerated foods following the hurricane and hadn’t restocked yet.

Short-term Goals:
1. Stop by store AGAIN for CC.
2. Complete one tutorial each day for Paint Shop Pro 9, Satori FilmFX, or Painter 8.

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