BFL Journal C2W9D3

Thoughts: I am in love.

Hopelessly in love.

My new Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan from is my new favorite kitchen tool. I made some steaks the other night in it that were so tasty, juicy, and PERFECT that I shall never ever use the stupid Foreman Grill in my cupboard for anything other than heating up sandwiches again. The Foreman Grill NEVER produced any of those pretty grill lines that you see in all of the advertisements, not even once. Chicken breasts came out unevenly cooked, and everything wound up very dry and flavorless.

The Lodge grill pan, however, made my steaks taste like they’d just come off a real grill, and seared beautiful parallel lines right into the meat while letting the fat run off into the grooves below. I can’t believe I got this thing for free with an Amazon gift certificate I earned through their Visa card. 🙂 Even if you don’t have a GC, at under $16 it’s still a great deal for a pre-seasoned, nearly non-stick pan that will last a lifetime and even add a little iron to any food you cook in it. It weighs a ton, though, so if you decide to get one, you would do well to pick up something else around $10 like the 10 1/4″ pre-seasoned regular skillet to get free shipping. 😉

I can’t wait to grill up some chicken in it tonight. Cooking is so much fun when you have the right equipment on hand.

Nutrition (1600-1800 calorie low day)
1: 3×1 veggie omelette with 1 slice WW toast (Chocolate banana shake)
2: Beef stir fry with apple (Chocolate banana shake)
3: Strawberry raisin bar
4: Strawberry raisin bar
5: Oatmeal tuna salad w/apple
6: Cottage cheese and strawberries

Multivitamin with iron
Calcium 500 + D
1 T. flax seed oil
1/2 t. GNC Creastack

Calories eaten and deficit for yesterday = 1392 / -563 (target -337)
Water: 16 cups
Ratios: 45% carb / 39% protein /16% fat

12 pm LBWO at Gold’s
8:30 pm steady state cardio – 30 minutes
9 pm yoga

The Awful Truth:
1. Stayed up too late and will have to do LBWO during lunch.

Brownie Points:
1. Finished all of the laundry, washed every dish in the apartment, hoovered the entire place, and emptied all the junk out of my various purses, backpacks, and bags.
2. Cooked a lot of food last night.
3. Went grocery shopping.

Short-term Goals:
1. Do not skip extra cardio in the evenings.
2. Knock out LBWO in 40 minutes or less.
3. Make my Halloween costume tonight.

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