BFL Journal C2W9D7

Thoughts: Happy Halloween!

Except for the bit of low fat, no sugar added ice cream I had Saturday, I stuck with my BFL meals, so free day didn’t really happen. I guess that’s why I let myself have a “real” free day today. 😉

Yes, we are talking about a greasy, typical American breakfast of a cheeseless veggie omelette, two sausage links, half a Belgian waffle with strawberry topping, some potato wedges, a mini cranberry muffin, fruit, extra scrambled eggs, two mini pancakes, a dinky mini blueberry cheesecake, and a biscuit with gravy. This was followed by a big bowl of white rice at my parents’ house with Chinese sausage, stir-fried napa with black mushrooms, some summer squash, and a bit of stir-fried omelette with scallions. Dinner was Hong Kong beef noodles. In between these lovely, salty meals were probably about 8 Hershey’s miniature chocolate bars of assorted varieties, a chewy granola bar, six waffle cone cookies, and 5 butter cookies. I don’t know why Mom and Dad have so many cookies around nowadays. They NEVER used to keep those things in the house when I was growing up.

My only redeeming action yesterday was drinking at least a gallon of water along with my excess, LOL.

So much for a controlled free day. I guess hardcore mode will have to wait until Monday! I can’t wait to hop on the scale Monday and see how much temporary damage I’ve done.


Nutrition (1600-1800 calorie high/free meal day)
1: American style brunch
2: 2 butter cookies, 3 waffle cookies, 1 chewy granola bar
3: White rice with Chinese sausage, stir-fried napa and mushrooms, and squash
4: 1 butter cookie, 5 Hershey’s miniatures
5: Hong Kong beef noodles
6: 2 butter cookies, 3 waffle cookies, 1 fig newton, 3 Hershey’s miniatures

Multivitamin with iron
Calcium 500 + D
1 T. flax seed oil

Calories eaten and deficit for yesterday = 1461 / -678 (target -337)
Water: 18cups
Ratios: 44% carb / 34% protein / 22% fat

None (Rest day)

The Awful Truth:
1. Erm…..see “Thoughts” above. (I’m not feeling guilty though; I’ve busted my butt all week with extra cardio, and it IS my free day.)

Brownie Points:
1. 100% workout attendance!
2. Finished my Halloween costume in time Saturday.

Short-term Goals:
1. Cook frozen chicken tonight.
2. Go grocery shopping again.
3. Clear out stack of papers on desk.

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