Magic BFL Transformation Machine Survey

Okay, here’s a frivolous little survey in lieu of a daily journal of my food and workout.

Imagine that there is a magic Body-for-Life Transformation machine that you can walk into and pop out on the other side fully-transformed into a new, buff version of yourself. There’s just one catch–you have four areas which can be improved, but they can’t all be improved to maximum levels. You have to decide which areas are more important to you, and each level can only be applied to one body area.

The four areas:

  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Abs
  • Legs/Glutes

The four levels (from highest to lowest)

  • World-Class
  • Great
  • Good
  • Okay

What would you choose?

(For the record, I’d want World-Class Legs, Great Arms, Good Abs, and an Okay Chest, ;).)

11 thoughts on “Magic BFL Transformation Machine Survey

  1. I would want World-Class Arms (I am obsessed with ripped arms!), Great Legs, Good Abs, and an OK Chest. So Cool!

    ~Stacey 🙂

  2. world class legs, great abs, good arms and ok chest. who cares about boobs when you look awesome everywhere else?

  3. Tough one!

    World class Abs, Great Chest (only so it matches the abs), Good Legs, Ok Arms.

  4. My choices:

    World-class abs
    Great chest
    Good arms
    Okay legs/glutes

    Why? Six-pack abs & a great chest seem to be the toughest areas for us guys to max out, plus what most women list at or near the top of their list in what they find physically attractive in a guy (along with a nice butt). Arms & legs/glutes in my experience are easier to improve, which is why I’d immediately focus on getting them up to the great or world-class category next. 🙂

    My personal preferences in a woman would be world-class legs, good to great arms and abs, ok chest.

  5. I would want world class legs/glutes, great arms, good abs, great chest. I would not mind covering my abs and chest if I could have great arms and legs.

  6. I am right there with ya. Gotta have great legs, arms, and at least flat abs. You can always get implants if you need to improve your chest (j/k). Where’s your pics? I wanted to see them before Thanksgiving for motivation!

  7. I would want world-class abs, great arms, good legs and okay chest. 🙂

    What a great idea… a magic Body-for-Life Transformation machine, lol!!!

  8. Arms – good …. love the shoulder development.
    Chest – good …. very nice inner pec separation
    Abs – great ….. very powerful looking core
    Legs – world class …. without a doubt , your strength.
    Glutes ….. gulp. smokin hot booty …. (hey, i a man) world class, seriously. Very tight and high.

  9. jeez …. for myself …
    that’s tough
    Abs – great
    chest – good
    legs – okay
    arms – world class … (nothing like an awesome set of guns)

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