Fitness Journal C3W5D2

Thoughts: Oof…It looks like I am over a week behind in my posts. 😛 Trying to keep up with everything during my holiday vacation week was very tough. I think I spent most of my time over at my parents’ house visiting them and my sister, and just like Turkey Week, it turned out to be a “maintenance” munchies week for me. Any thoughts I might have had about going hardcore for 9 days pretty much flew out the window after the first weekend. I got my workouts in and stayed at around 1800-2000 calories, but there was extra cardio going on at all. I’ll try to do better now that vacation time is over.

I did give the 5 day Max-OT weightlifting split a try, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is just not practical for me to do it right now with my current work schedule cutting into my evening cardio hours. I’m sticking with a three day split for weight training and three days for cardio as I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

I’m currently obsessed with my computers again, both with playing with them and with tinkering with the hardware. I made the mistake of picking up the Sims Deluxe edition on a post-Turkey Day sale, and started to play with the program this past week.

OMG, I am SO addicted! I am tempted to use the infinite money cheat so I can build the poshest Sims house in the universe for my cute lil’ people. I just wish they didn’t take so long to do everything. Sheesh…by the time they wake up, work out, prep all of their meals, go to work, take a shower, feed the pets, use the bathroom, pay the bills, read for a few minutes and pick up the paper, it’s time for them to go to bed again!

Oh wait–that sounds like my life. 😉

The funniest part about the game is that I created a “Maggie” Sim who looks like me just for kicks, and all she wants to do when I let her run on her own is paint, work out on the chest press bench, play games on the computer, and EAT! It’s absolutely uncanny. Hahahahahahaha….

Nutrition (1400-1600 low calorie zig-zag day)

1: 2 slices low carb bread with SF blackberry preserves, 1 T. peanut butter, and 1/2 scoop protein powder
2: Chicken stew with veggies and corn bread
3: Cottage cheese and blueberries
4: 1/2 grilled chicken/black bean/lettuce/rice burrito with jalepeno peppers; 1/2 Myoplex Lite blueberry bar
5: Healthy take out option at work; 1/2 Myoplex Lite blueberry bar
6: Thai chicken salad

Multivitamin with iron
Calcium 500 + D
1 T. flax seed oil

Calories eaten / deficit for yesterday = 2162 / +141 (target -500)
Water: 13 cups
Ratios: 34% carb / 37% protein / 29% fat


8:00 AM HIIT run (4 mph warm up, 4.5, 6, 7, 8 mph intervals, 9.5 mph max, 4.5 mph cool down)
8:25 AM steady state (20 minutes elliptical at levels 3-5 and avg 6-7 mph)
10:30 PM yoga (20 minutes)

The Awful Truth:
1. Had a few pieces of homemade peanut brittle, a 2.5″ peanut butter cookie, and a pineapple blondie yesterday. Curse my sugar-pushing co-workers!

Brownie Points:
1. Got up and ran today. Didn’t enjoy it, but did it anyway because skipping is for the weak. 😉

Short-term Goals:
1. Do the dishes.
2. Finish transferring files from my old computer to the new Dell.
3. Format and reconfigure old Athlon Duron 1100 system for my sister.
4. Organize my closet.
5. Make appointments for my cats to get their annual shots.
6. Make appointment for my car’s 90,000 mile service.

2 thoughts on “Fitness Journal C3W5D2

  1. Hah…I am going to count this past week as an unofficial “Metabolism Reset Period.” I probably ate clean only about 60% of the time, but I didn’t go too crazy, just because my parents don’t keep traditional American baked goodies in the house. It was definitely a time of fat and plenty though! 😉

    I’m 100% back on the wagon (except for a few pieces of homemade peanut brittle today) again, though, and will just be plugging away with my normal meals and workouts again. The carb and salt overload water weight gain should go away in a few days. If nothing else, the past month or so should have convinced my body that good, plentiful times are back, and that there is absolutely NO reason to hang onto the body fat.

    It’s amazing what a difference body composition really makes when it comes to appearance and clothing size. I was an extremely waterlogged and bloated 136 pounds this morning, but I still fit into my size 4 cords and small top, and the medium Isaac Mizrahi jacket I threw on top of it all was way too baggy and loose in the chest, waist, and hip. Seven months ago at just 6 pounds more, the jacket would have fit perfectly, and my top and pants wouldn’t have made it past my chunky limbs.


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