Fitness Journal C3W5D6

Thoughts: Happy New Year everyone! I never make resolutions because the whole institution always struck me as a cheesy, useless Western tradition doomed to fail since most people make their goals too nebulous, but this year I will try to set a few goals.

Maggie’s 2005 Goals:
1. Schedule and plan my time for the next 2 months of crunch time at work to make the most of the little bit of spare time I have.
2. Test out several exercise tracking programs by 1/7/2005 and create my own improved version for my Palm HanDbase by 1/14/2005.
3. Bulk through 1/31/2005, keeping weight between 128-138, calories between 1800-2200, and fat gain to a minimum using Max-OT weight training and regular cardio (90-180 minutes/week).
4. Cut from 2/1/2005-3/31/2005 to drop body fat to 15% keeping calories at 1600-1700 on low days and 2000 on high days. 360 minutes of cardio/week and a 3 day Max-OT split for weight training.
5. Reorganize my closet and kitchen.
6. Take care of annual medical check-ups for myself and my cats by February.

Nutrition (2000-2200 calorie high calorie free day)

1: 2 eggs, WW bagel, 1 c. spinach, 1/2 apple
2: (Free meal) 2 breaded fish filets and curly fries
3: Digesting meal 3
4: Chocolate peanut butter banana shake
5: Egg, spinach, and tomato soup, 1/4 c. honey roasted peanuts, two 1 1/2″ Belgian cream puffs
6: Grilled chicken salad with LF honey dijon dressing

Multivitamin with iron
Calcium 500 + D
1 T. flax seed oil

Calories eaten / deficit for yesterday = 2175/ -8 (target 0)
Water: 15 cups
Ratios: 34% carb / 35% protein / 31% fat


Rest day

The Awful Truth:
1. Meal timing was off for the day after my free meal at the mall. 🙁

Brownie Points:
1. Limited really bad food to my splurge meal.
2. Loaded up new MP3 player with lots of music.

Short-term Goals:
1. Do my laundry.
2. Finish fixing/setting up misc. computers in my room.
3. Make a basic database using HandBase to get familiar with the program.
4. Print out new set of workout sheets for next week.

2 thoughts on “Fitness Journal C3W5D6

  1. How’reyagonna cut to 15% if you’re 14.3%? I hate you! No no, just kidding, I was once 14% too. Now I feel fat at 20%, but I’ll just keep reading your blog =). Happy Western new year’s.

  2. Haha…I seriously doubt that I’m actually 14.3%, especially since I’m in a bulking phase. I expect to go as high as 20% or so while building muscle before I start cutting again. I just need to pick ONE method of tracking body fat and stick with it.

    Happy New Year to you, too!

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