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I’ve been getting some queries recently about the type of software I use to track my meals and workouts. Since there is a super deal on one of the programs I’ve been using from the start right now, I’m going to post the relevant link and a brief review here.

Keyoe’s Diet and Exercise Assistant
This program is available for Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Windows. It’s main strength is as a portable calorie counter/food log. It includes a very big food database that works much like the one at Fitday.com. You can customize the database by adding your own favorite ingredients and meals to it. Tracking your intake can be done with a few taps of your stylus, and if you are a gadget dork like me, you will always have your PDA handy with you so there are no excuses for not logging.

There’s also an exercise log (no customizable exercise database, alas, but a good selection of popular activities are included and you can enter unlisted activites in a “User defined activity” entry).

Other features include a measurement log, daily weight log/chart, and a built-in goal calculator that will let you enter your desired weight and deadline and then automatically calculate your target calories per day for you. The cheesy little water tracker has come in handy for me, too.

Something else that makes the program very useful for even non-number crunchers is the macronutrient ratio tracker. Not sure if you are hitting your desired ratio of 40/40/20 or whatever else you are using? Plug in your target ratios under the Goal area, and the program will show you in four different graphs if you are meeting your stated targets for calories, carbs, protein, and fat. And yes, it will give you your daily percentages for these things as well.

How do you think I’ve been getting my daily stats for calories eaten, +/- calorie target, and nutrient ratios every day? Surely you didn’t think that I actually logged into Fitday daily or wrote everything down in an archaic notebook to calculate by hand, did you?

The two PDA versions are normally around $20 each, and the desktop program (which can sync with your PDA version) is usually $10. You can get the programs at half price with the following code if you order directly through http://www.keyoe.com

Discount Code: 32FAAA1

4 thoughts on “PDA Diet and Fitness Software

  1. Hey Maggie — did you ever get my email about calorie needs to gain lean muscle? I sent you one the other day via “Email Maggie” — if you did get it & you don’t have any input or are busy, that’s totally fine. I just wanted to make sure! Thanks. 🙂

  2. Hey… I made it to your site.. thanks for adding the link to this program.. I’ve downloaded (purchased) the Pocket PC version and the PC version so that I can sync them… but they won’t sync.. it keeps telling me that it has… but it hasn’t 🙁 oh well.. off to the site to see if they have any help options… dog gonnit

    oh.. I love your site 😉

  3. ahhh.. finally.. after reinstalling the Pocket PC version I was finally able to get the two programs talking to each other.. yayyy ;-)~

    GREAT program.. I’ve already forwarded the info on to a guy in the office that is trying to lose weight.

  4. Great! I think the program is very useful when you are watching your intake or even trying to modify a recipe. Fitday for your PDA…

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