Fitness Journal C3W12D6 (DOMS, dom-dom-dom-DOMS!)

Thoughts: OMG, I am already hurting from yesterday’s workouts. Seriously hurting! I don’t even want to contemplate how tomorrow is going to feel.

I switched back to BFL style pyramids yesterday for my leg workout just for the sake of variety, and also ditched the Smith machine in favor of the free squat rack and hack squack at Gold’s. I didn’t use nearly as much weight with the squat rack as I do on the Smith, (only 115 lbs) but my legs were officially toasted. I’m never going back to the Smith for heavy squats again. I think the pre-set pathway was hurting my lower back.

Anyhow, I am already getting DOMS this morning from the real squats (especially because BFL is higher volume than Max-OT) and deadlifts, and my upper back is starting to twinge, too. Jeremy on the site issued a “Who can do the most push-ups in one minute?” challenge on their forums, and of COURSE I had to give it a go. I knocked out 61 full push-ups in one minute on my first try, and 66 about 30 minutes later out of boredom.

I love push-ups. They are the one exercise I excel at. RAWR!

Tonight is the first official Forum get together here in Orlando, and I’ll be having a massive cheat meal with some of the other members of the forum at the Roadhouse Grill. 🙂

I’m off to do cardio so I can finally get to that yoga dvd and hopefully make some of this soreness go away.

Nutrition (1910 calorie free day)
1: 3/4 c. Keto crisp cereal
2: 1 scoop whey and 1/2 c. (dry) oatmeal
3: Chicken and broccoli stir fry with rice
4: Bar
5: Free meal
6: Luna bar (or skip)

11:45 AM steady-state treadmill (2.8-4 mph / incline 5-12%)
12:30 PM Yoga for Athletes DVD

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Journal C3W12D6 (DOMS, dom-dom-dom-DOMS!)

  1. this isn’t fitness related but did you notice one of your spook ads? It says “Discount Boiled Peanut. New & used Boiled Peanut. aff Check out the huge selection now!” 😆
    p.s. love the blog

  2. this is a good discovery. leave the smith behind … your body will thank you.

    remember to activate your core and drop to mid-thigh parallel (if not lower). back off the weight a little more if you have to. get the form right … practice with just the bar.

    nice work!

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