SGX Journal C4W5D3 (Faith, Disbelief and Dieting)

Thoughts: Something I keep seeing over and over on the BFL women’s boards is an overwhelming lack of faith that BFL, or indeed, any other program, can actually work as written. Everyone wants to tweak the plan or add in extras right from the start instead of giving their program a fair trial for the full 12 weeks.

It’s only 12 weeks. That is nothing in the grand scheme of things. When you have a regular life on top of your meals and workouts, 12 weeks can fly by so fast you won’t even realize you’re at the finish line until you are taking your “After” photos and saying, “Wow…is it time for my one week break already?”

(If you want to experience the longest 8 weeks of your life, I highly recommend doing military boot camp. I believe that drill sergeants have the ability to slow time and make it drag for an eternity.)

So why can’t people just put their faith in a program that has worked for millions of others? The main culprit seems to be the Western insistence on instant gratification. Americans want to click off the “Flubber Show” and switch to “Lifestyles of the Thin and Beach-Ready” with a press of a remote control button.

Alas, one supersize order of burger, fries, and soda didn’t make anyone instantly fat. To expect that one clean meal of cottage cheese and fruit would conversely make one lean and fit is utterly asinine, and yet two out of every three women seem to hold this secret hope in their hearts.


Let’s ignore the obvious instant gratification angle for now and focus on something else I’ve noticed: Many women have been overweight or ineffectual in their lives when it comes to food and physical activity for so long that they simply don’t BELIEVE they can really change. They wish and dream about being slim, but because they’ve been overweight all of their lives and have resigned themselves to the fallacy that some people were just born to be thin naturally while others were doomed to schlump through life as matronly marshmallows, in their hearts they don’t truly buy into the notion that this healthy eating, regular cardio, and weight lifting junk can really alter their bodies.

This is sad, because as long as they keep telling themselves they can’t do it, they never will.

Nutrition: SGX Training Day eating pattern
(Details omitted by request)

Regular (Non-SGX) Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D
Water for yesterday: 18 cups

8:00 AM Steady-state elliptical (Level 6 / 20 minutes)
8:20 AM Steady-state treadmill (4 mph / 7-10% incline / 20 minutes)
8:40 AM Steady-state treadmill (6 mph / 0% incline / 5 minutes)
12:00 PM Lower body workout

The Awful Truth:
1. Nothing. Nada. Zip!

Brownie Points:
1. Raised 3 x 20 squats to 115 lbs. 15-20 more pounds before I start squatting my body weight at high reps. Woowoo!
2. 20 lb dbell curls are starting to feel normal. 😯

Short-term Goals:
1. Clean the bathroom and vacuum the apartment.
2. Organize my closet again.
3. File bills and receipts.
4. Make a schedule for after work DVD stretching workouts.

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