SGX Journal C4W6D1 (Pretty, Pretty Gym)

Thoughts: The renovations at my gym are finally complete! They’ve been puttering away at the free weight floor for the past month behind a huge plastic tarp. When the tarp came down, a whole expanded free weight floor was revealed. There are more benches now than a Greyhound station, and at least two extra racks of dumbbells, including the much-needed 17.5, 22.5, and 27.5 pounders that used to be available only on the Women’s floor.

It was a HUGE pain to have to run upstairs just to (hopefully) use the ONE pair of 17.5 lb dumbbells in the entire gym for my bicep curls, and then run right back down to finish the rest of my exercises. Now that the main floor has all of those middle increments, I won’t ever have to venture back up to the Estrogen Zone again!

Okay, I do have to go back up there just once. I want to test out the resistance bands they keep up there to see if it would be worthwhile to buy a band to keep at my desk at work or in my bag for a quick resistance workout when I’m away from home.

Anyone ever use bands with success? I’m thinking that a medium resistance band would be handy to keep around.

Nutrition: SGX Training Day eating pattern
(Details omitted by request)

Regular (Non-SGX) Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D
Water for yesterday: 12 cups

8:30 AM Steady-state treadmill (4 mph / 7-10% incline / 40 minutes)
9:10 AM Steady-state treadmill (6 mph / 0% incline / 5 minutes)
12:00 PM Upper body/back workout
8:00 PM Yoga Conditioning for Athletes DVD

The Awful Truth:
1. Only had three meals yesterday. 🙁

Brownie Points:
1. Increased weight on deadlifts, straight-arm pulldowns, bicep curls, and lying dbell rows.
2. Prepped a bunch of meals Sunday night.
3. Went grocery shopping at Albertson’s AND Publix to hit up the best deals. Got sweet potatoes for only 49 cents a pound (yay!), and frozen pollock and whiting for $3.99 each per 2 lb bag. Also splurged on 2 lbs of tilapia for $5.99 and 4 dozen large eggs at 79 cents a dozen. Extra lean ground beef was $2.39/lb as well…perfect for some chili. Cheap protein comes to those who check sales ads.

Short-term Goals (Still need to do these from last week, alas!):
1. Clean the bathroom and vacuum the apartment.
2. Organize my closet again.
3. File bills and receipts.
4. Make a schedule for after work DVD stretching workouts.

5 thoughts on “SGX Journal C4W6D1 (Pretty, Pretty Gym)

  1. You probably won’t be picking up boxing or kickboxing anytime soon, but I often used resistance bands to improve speed on my punching back when I was doing Muay Thai. The amount of pain you feel the next day is ridiculous–you’d be surprised at what a cheap, self tied, medium length green band with moderate elasticity can do. Of course, the ones they sell with handles are more versatile, but the one I had was about a yard’s length after tying it myself, about five inches width, and I’d wrap it around my palms and have it behind my back and shadowboxed for five minutes. Punch fast, hurt hard, lol.

    I could have sat down, stepped on it, and done bicep curls I suppose–but it wouldn’t have been long enough to do any lateral raises or anything. I miss it–I took it with me to Thailand and lost the dratty thing. Been looking into buying some though… hmm..

  2. I have resistance bands and use them frequently when I can’t get to the gym for whatever reason – in fact after two years I busted one! Scared the cat to death… they are great to put in your suitcase along with a jump rope for those hotels that don’t have fitness centers – or visits to relatives house. With a reistance band, something to brace the middle with, and a balance ball you can do almost anything at home.

  3. Resistance bands have been an excellent back up for when I can’t make it to the gym. Even if you get a medium tension, you can play around with it by making the length shorter, wraping it around your feet, hands, or furniture, giving you a little more resistance if you feel like the exercise is too easy. I’ve had kick-ass work outs with resistance bands, and with a little creativity the work out options are endless.

  4. I’ve never really liked my resistance band that much. I use it only for leg workouts, where I tie the band into a loop, then walk around wearing the band, and doing kicks to the front, back and side, or I lay on my side and do leg raises with it. I’ve tried the bicep curls and tricep extensions with the band, and they just don’t feel comfortable to me. They either feel like they’re not doing anything for me (when the resistance is not enough) or I feel like I can’t stretch it at all. Maybe I’m just too worried about it breaking. I dunno.

  5. I’ve used bands often. They can be an effective part of your training. In some cases, I find them to be better than cables and they can produce some serious burn … especially for triceps work.

    My trainer is also fond of using them for biceps. Add them to barbell curls and you’ll scream for mercy.

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