SGX Journal C4W6D4 (5.5 Week Progress Pics!)

Thoughts: After a week of deliberation, I have decided to purchase a chin-up bar for my apartment. I just need something I can use at home at random moments to reach my pull-up goal. Besides, hopping up from the computer to knock out 20 push-ups periodically has gotten too easy. has this incredibly nifty one called the Jungle Jam. It shall be mine in a week or two, oh yes it will, and then the pull-up training routine will be ON between the Armstrong Pull-Up Program and The Power & Glory of the Pull-Up.

In other news, here are my progress pics at 5.5 weeks. I was going to wait until Saturday, but I’ll probably be having a cheat meal Friday night that will expand my gut like an overstuffed cream puff, so here they are a few days early. 😎

Click image for the rest of the album

More pics from this morning:

I’m such a dork. I can’t get over how much better my shoulders/arms look now. :: gazes at visible deltoids with glee :: 😆

Nutrition: SGX Non-Training Day eating pattern
(Details omitted by request)

Regular (Non-SGX) Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D, flax seed oil
Water for yesterday: 16 cups

12:30 PM Yoga break (20 minutes)
10:00 PM Steady-state recumbent bike (Level 3 / 45 minutes)

The Awful Truth:
1. Meal 5 was a bit too large, but cut back on portion size in 6 to make up for it.

Brownie Points:
1. Tried out the Bar Method DVD workout.
2. Stayed within calorie target for the day.
3. Filed my tax return.
4. Took oodles of progess pics.

Short-term Goals:
1. Mail out package for Kyra.
2. Get cardio done tonight.

5 thoughts on “SGX Journal C4W6D4 (5.5 Week Progress Pics!)

  1. Holy wow! Great shoulders – I like the visible shoulder separation.

    Chin-up bars are so great – you’re gonna love it when you get yours. As you’re walking through the doorway, you can stop for a casual chin-up encounter. I had one at my old place, and before long I went from 3 pullups to 10!

  2. Cynthia–I was planning on doing just that–I’m going to try to do a pull up every time I walk through that doorway, lol. I think my younger cat might like it, too. He’s always jumping from the top of his condo to the top edge of the door there. Maybe I’ll put a board across it when I’m not using it and turn it into a kitty lounge.

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