Jungle Jam, Baby!

After 5 live chats and 1 detailed email complaint in 7 days, I finally got word from the Beachbody.com customer service department that a Jungle Jam pull-up bar will be shipped to me via Fed Ex from their warehouse. For those of you who are new on the scene and didn’t know, I ordered the Jungle Jam on 3/31/2005 and subsequently waited 14 days for what turned out to be the WRONG item to arrive. Last Thursday my BB package arrived, but alas, it was a Door Gym, not a Jungle Jam.


I’ve been nagging Beachbody’s customer service staff on an almost daily basis ever since about getting the right bar.

I can be annoyingly persistent about stuff like this. I hounded Amazon.com and their rebate processing contractor for nearly 8 months about a $200 mobile phone rebate they tried to screw me out of two years ago. I got the rebate in the end, too.

Anyway, Matthew from customer service just sent an email stating that since the error was on the warehouse end and my order was correctly showing as a Jungle Jam in the database, he had to wait to hear back from the warehouse before he could clear up the problem. I guess they did a quick item count or something to make sure I wasn’t BS’ing them about getting the wrong item. The Door Gym isn’t offered through the BB website, but it IS going to be offered through one of their TV infomercials, so the warehouse apparently carries inventories of both models of bars.

They must have decided I was right, because I now have a lovely Fed Ex tracking number and a Jungle Jam is on its way to me at no extra charge. The rep even said that I don’t have to send the Door Gym back at this point, probably because I’d demand reimbursement for the shipping charges. I’m sure it’s cheaper and easier for them to just let me keep the thing instead of dealing with another week or more of my civilized harassment, hah!

I’m probably nicknamed something like the “Jungle Jam Bee-yotch” over there at Beachbody Headquarters. 😛

Now what am I going to do with TWO pull-up bars?

3 thoughts on “Jungle Jam, Baby!

  1. You must be psychic, Stacey! :jester:

    I’m just glad things worked out all right. I am going to use the Door Gym in lieu of push-up handles to get more elevation during the push-up portions of my workouts and put the Jungle Jam up in the doorway for the pull-ups.

    Or I guess I could put the Door Gym over the bathroom door so I am forced to do a pull-up every time I go in and out. :slappy:

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