The Truth About Maintenance

I just found a new blog to read: I Am That Girl Now. The author, Meg, has lost over 50 lbs and is now in maintenance and sort of coming to grips with the idea that the changes she had to make in her lifestyle to get where she is physically can never be undone if she wants to keep the body she has earned.

She wrote a really GREAT post on the maintenance struggle today which should be required reading for us all, whether we are just starting our transformations, approaching goal, or treading water in maintenance:

Check it out. It’s worth the read.

4 thoughts on “The Truth About Maintenance

  1. Wow. Thank you!

    I’ve been reading your blog all week to get inspired on the exercise front so it blew my mind to see your name show up in the comments. Wow!

    I read my husband your Everything I Know About Fitness I Learned From Roleplaying Games post– he loves RPGs– and he says that’s the first thing he’s heard any of “the fitness chicks” say that makes sense to him. Hats off to you for that!

  2. LOL…I’m glad your husband liked the RPG post. I am positive that my OCD, RPG-loving personality is one of the main reasons I’m still plugging away at fitness. A real life “level up” is even better than a virtual one!

  3. My poor Hub can’t get me into RPGs because I’m already too busy doing all that stuff to myself and… well, I’m too addicted now to my own personal power-ups and character modifications. Heh. It’s nice to know that it’s the same kind of focus, though, just applied to other things… gives us something else in common.

    Actually, as we were hiking at full speed across the Loop the other day, dodging planters and tourists and oncoming pedestrian traffic, it occurred to us that we enjoy that for the exact same reason that we played Jet Set Radio Future. Just a lot less of being able to grind off buildings and up telephone poles.

  4. JSRF! I am horrible at that game. 😀 I have a demo version that came with my Xbox, and I quickly had to put it aside for something less tricky like DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball with Pool Float Hopping mini-game and casino.

    Funny thought about the RPG thing…I don’t think I’ve played through an entire new RPG since I started the fitness thing last year. Even Evercrack II and World of Warcraft only held my attention for about 2 weeks apiece. I guess I really have transferred my leveling up addiction to myself, too.


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