Jungle Jam 20% Off Sale

If you are a brave soul in need of a pull-up bar and like the looks of the Jungle Jam I ordered (and subsequently had to fight for), Beachbody.com has the bar on sale for 20% off, or $35.96 + $14.95 shipping through April 29.

Here is the link for the bar with the discount applied: http://www.beachbody.com/coupon.jsp?code=EMAIL_P90X425_JJ

Jungle Jam from Beachbody.com

The BB site sometimes has cookie issues with Mozilla Firefox, so you might want to order via Internet Explorer or manually enter coupon code EMAIL_P90X425_JJ in the check out process.

If you are worried that Beachbody will send you the wrong bar, too, well, I was told that I was the only person who had ever gotten the wrong bar shipped to me, and I was such a pain regarding the botched shipment that I’m confident that future Jungle Jam orders will be just fine.


8 thoughts on “Jungle Jam 20% Off Sale

  1. Man that is tempting!! If I didn’t have to buy my suits and shoes in the next couple weeks I would whip out the credit card (the very same credit card that I forbade Jason to use, telling him that it’s “off limits” until we pay our property taxes and the balance is paid off again) Buy hey, it’s FITNESS equipment! :slappy:

  2. But what if I want to do pull-ups with various grips and hand positions? 😉 Besides, it is the same price as the plain old Door Gym, so why not get fancy?

  3. I wish I could *fit* a power rack into my dinky, one bedroom, 600 sq. ft. third floor apartment. 😆 As it stands, my living room looks more like a mini-gym now than the genteel social gathering/entertainment center it is supposed to be.

  4. One thing I’ve got plenty of is space. Mine’s about 1500 sq ft, two bedrooms. The second bedroom is half spare bedroom, half gym, and everything fits pretty well. I’ve also got some cellar space, but I wouldn’t want to work out down there.

  5. OMFG! :mad2:

    According the the Fed Ex tracking page, my Jungle Jam is now delayed again because the package was damaged in shipping and returned to the shipper!

    I am absolutely jinxed when it comes to this bar!

  6. OMG! You are having the worst time with that Jungle Jam!! I hope everything gets worked out.

    ~Stacey 🙂

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