Little Kitty Paws, With Little Kitty Claws

I went home for lunch to do my chest and back workout and wound up with a lovely injury that will make pull-ups very interesting over the next week. Neville Longbottom, my younger cat, was chilling in my lap as I loaded up the DVD, rolling around and generally being a complete purring idiot. Then he lost his balance and rolled right off my lap. Of course he made a desperate, last ditch effort to hang on and my right hand got in the way of flailing kitty feet tipped with razor sharp claws.

I now have a 2″ long vertical gash in the meaty part of my palm on the outside edge of my hand below the pinky finger and a shallow puncture wound right below it. I’ve got a liberal amount of antibiotic ointment and a taped gauze pad over the mess, but obviously P90X wasn’t happening during lunch after that. :ouch:

I just hope I don’t wind up oozing blood from the scratch during Chest and Back tonight. Sigh. As it stands, I will have to devote 30 minutes to clipping off some feline talons tonight.

Ah, the joys of being owned by cats. :were:

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4 thoughts on “Little Kitty Paws, With Little Kitty Claws

  1. 👿
    Bad Kitty cat!
    I have some iron hand herb that will help with the healing process. In the mean time you can use the resistance bands and tie them around your wrists and the pull up bar…Iam sure you’ll find a way!!

  2. Well, when he was a kitten, Neville had a superlong tail relative to his body length…so “Longbottom” fit. Also, he’s a complete goofball.


  3. He’s precious. And if that’s a more recent picture, that’s still a mighty long tail. Wow.

    My cat is delighted by yoga and strength training, because it means that I’m often down on the floor, on his level. (In our house, I claim, every pose is cat pose.) I was doing ass-lifts this morning and he started walking back and forth under my butt and thighs, rubbing up against me happily, purring like mad. Arrrrgh, tickling cat fur!

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