Ignominious Birth of a Pull-Up Princess

After the Accidental Kitty Clawing of yesterday afternoon, I chose to postpone the P90X Chest and Back workout until this morning as I wanted to let my hand knit together and scab over a bit before putting it through what amounts to 60 minutes of wound-opening push-ups and pull-ups.

This morning I woke up automatically at 6:18 am due to my early bed time at 11:30 and my body’s internal clock which insists that 6.5 hours is all it needs to function. I putzed around with MS Money 2004 and got my bills and daily finances in order, then rolled out of bed to tackle the dreaded first official P90X workout. The previous ones don’t count as they were just for practice and gauging my fitness level. 😉

All I can say after 80 minutes of pull-ups, push-ups, and ab exercises is…ARGLE!

I’m tired! I don’t think my heartrate and breathing ever really came down to normal during that session. It definitely counts as Calisthenics-vigorous/hard in Fitday, Caloriesperhour.com, Diet and Exercise Assistant, Diet Power, or whatever software you use to track exercise.

That PWO shake never tasted so good, hehe.

Two thumbs up for P90X so far. My ass was officially whupped as hard as it used to be in Army PT. I did at least as many push-ups as the guys in the video (I am, after all, ex-Army), but pull-ups are no joke. I tried to do as many as I could without help, then tapped down lightly on a folding chair for the rest of the interval. Heh…there were a lot of “2 full/10 assisted” notations on my tracking sheet. Well, c’est la vie. This is day 1. I promise you day 90 will have a LOT more “full” pull-ups tallied up.

I’m now a workout behind schedule, though, so I’ll be bumping the rest of my workouts down one day and working out on Sunday instead of taking a rest day. Next Monday I will go right back into Chest/Back/Abs again to get back on track. I considered catching up by doing Plyo tonight, but my downstairs neighbor might come up and threaten me with death if I insist on jumping around my living room for 60 minutes at 10 pm.

Other happy news: I visited my parents this weekend and discovered that Daddums had several pairs of hex dbells in the garage that he wasn’t using anymore since he works out at Bally. I now have 4 resistance bands and dbell pairs at 5, 10, 15, and 20 lbs to use for the program. W00t.

Second bit of happy news: My inconvenient chick cycle is still screwed up from switching to Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo back in February. I’ve been dead on with my Aviane doses ever since, but this month I more or less missed the whole weeklong shebang, which of course is a bit distressing since I:

a) am not doing crazy amounts of extra cardio and
b) am not at a super-low body fat

Those are the two things that usually cause me to skip. So off I went last night to CVS for a preggo test kit.

Thankfully, I had a nice, clear negative. Whew. :claplow: Popping out a pair of academically-brilliant, musically-talented, and physically-fit mini-me’s is NOT in my long-term budget or life plan until at least 2010. (Of course this means that my hanging scale weight and overall puffiness are all MY fault, not some quirk of preggo hormones, hah! 😉 )

Stupid chick biology. You know, if all males were required to get fixed as soon as they hit puberty and only have themselves unfixed when they are ready to have kids, a whole lot of stress and expense could be spared on the part of women and parents of teenaged girls everywhere.

Nutrition: 1700 calorie low zig zag day

1: Dex/whey/Creastack PWO shake
2: 3/4 c. FF cottage cheese, 1/2 large sesame bagel and large navel orange
3: 3×1 spinach omelette and large navel orange
4: Chocolate protein shake
5: 3.5 oz. grilled pollock, 1 c. sauteed broccoli, 1/2 c. rice
6: Oatmeal tuna salad and 1/2 banana

Total: 1693 calories, 47.3% carb, 37.1% protein, 17.0% fat

Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D
Water for yesterday: 13 cups

7:45 AM P90X Chest and Back & Ab Ripper X
3:00 PM 1 mile walk (4 mph / 15 minutes)

The Awful Truth:
1. Pack of sour gummi worms and 1/2 c. cereal instead of meal 6.
2. Bailed out of chest and back workout due to scratched up hand.

Brownie Points:
1. Was only over maintenance by 199 calories yesterday despite gummi worms and missed workout.
2. Got to bed by 11:30 pm.
3. Transferred “before” pictures to PDA as horrible reminder to self to stop screwing around with diet.
4. Did as many push-ups as the P90X men on the DVD this morning. Need to work on pull-ups, though.

Short-term Goals:
1. Print out new 50/30/20 recipes.
2. Deposit FSA check.
3. Work on paper doll project.
4. Do thumbnails for 5-6 new prints.
5. Clean the bathroom and kitchen.
6. Reorganize living room more efficiently as workout area. 😳

12 thoughts on “Ignominious Birth of a Pull-Up Princess

  1. Oh hear hear, fix the men! I do really like that solution. http://maggiewang.com/wp-images/smilies/icon_mischievous.gif

    On an unrelated note, I thought I remembered you discussing using an Omron bodyfat analyzer somewhere in a post, but I couldn’t find any mention of it in a search. I’m trying to decide between getting the Omron handheld or a Tanita scale, cuz I’d really like to start tracking my %. And seems like it’d be more accurate and cheaper than paying 5 bucks each week for a 3-point skinfold done by a college student. Any tips?


  2. Yeah, that link was a dumb thing on my part. :whistle: Sorry. For some reason I dragged the smilie down instead of just clicking. I get it now.

  3. Jen – You can go with either the Omron or Tanita. I wouldn’t depend on them to get an ACTUAL body fat measurement because the Omron is skewed toward the upper body and the Tanita is skewed toward the lower body, but if you check your body fat at the same time and physical condition every day, you will get a good idea of whether you are going up or down in body fat. I have the Tanita scale because I needed a scale anyway. I believe Cathy and Kyra both have Omrons. You could also just order your own caliper and plug in your numbers into a body fat calculator like the one here: http://rustyiron.net/bodyfat.htm.

    Chris – :tongue: 😉

  4. Thanks. Yeah, it’s more to get a trend than anything. I guess the caliper would be the most frugal way to go. :biggrin:

    And in the weird coincidence department…..I’m studying medical terminology for a class, and today I’m working on the male reproductive system. I just learned the exact definitions for the terms “vasectomy” and “vasovasostomy”.

  5. I have both an Omron and a Tanita (withOUT athletic mode darnit). My lower body is where the fat lives and I can count on my Tanita to tell me 24 to 25% fat in the AM (I don’t bother with the PM hydrated checks anymore; If I lie 🙄 and tell my Tanita that I’m 22 years old (my pretend athletic mode) then it tells me 21 to 22%). My Omron, in Athletic mode, tells me 18 to 19%. If one measure is up they both are up for that day so they track each other consistently … whatever it is they are measuring. If I use mybodycomp or some other body circumference calculator I’m about 21 to 22% (fancy that splitting the difference between tanita & omron). I find them all good for tracking purposes. Of course I’m a real life :prop:

    For Maggie, glad all worked out for you on your home test there. Yipes. I just wish we had birth control in the water or something and that folks had to both take an antidote to make families.

  6. When I was studying at Rice U. in Houston, TX a few years ago, I distinctly remember seeing HUGE billboards along the Loop (610) either for “VASECTOMIES” or “Reverse Your Vasectomy!”, sometimes one right after the other. :biggrin:

  7. Well, the male pill should be on the market in a few years. So, then you can C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E.

    Or, alternatively, be C-E-L-I-B-A-T-E.

  8. Maggie,

    I remember you were on creatine for a while and then decided to stop taking it. Did you ever notice any difference as far as weight gain/loss while on or off it? Did you notice any difference in your workouts? How much did you take and did you cycle? Load? Just curious because I’m considering taking it.


  9. Maggie, I don’t own ONE workout video. I would like to begin a collection so that I can work out at home once in a while, other than my treadmill workouts. Do you feel the P90X DVD’s may be a good place to start? What an assortment they offer in the package advertised. Are the only required items dumbells and the pull up bar?

  10. Tiff–I only took approx. 5g of creatine immediately after a resistance training workout, never on cardio only days. I didn’t load either. I pretty much followed Skwigg’s guidelines on creatine dosage because I didn’t really want to bloat up too much. Weight loss? Um…I don’t believe creatine is known for accelerating that as it does make you gain a pound or two of water weight. You will still drop pounds as your body fat lowers, but you might want to stop the creatine a week or so before any sort of event where you want to look more cut, LOL.

    It does help your weight training workouts, but you have to be psychologically ready to accept a sudden scale weight jump and a degree of puffiness.

    Julie–P90X is a bit pricey as a set ($149), but the workouts are probably the most challenging I’ve ever gotten from a video, and it comes with a comprehensive workout manual and a nutrition guide with recipes and meal plans for the entire 90 days. The resistance and cardio dvds keep your heart rate way up there–I was vaguely nauseous and my pulse was going nuts during plyometrics today after 44 minutes of jumping around. :crazy:

    It’s a 90 day all-around advanced level fitness program that’s meant to be done in a particular sequence, but you could easily just pick and choose which one suits your mood that day.

    The only equipment you need is a pull-up bar, resistance bands or dumbbells, yoga mat, and yoga blocks if you aren’t too flexible.

    Actually, if you can’t do pull-ups or don’t have a bar, you can substitute moves with resistance bands. I think you get more out of the set if you go with dbells and a bar, though.

    I consider it a good investment for myself because there’s enough variety to keep me interested, and like BFL, the difficulty and intensity are self-monitored. For example, in the chest and back workout, you pretty much alternate between push-ups and pull-ups of different types for 60 minutes with very few breaks. :eekb: You get 30-60 seconds per exercise to do as many as you can. Let me tell you, this is EXACTLY how it goes in Army PT, and you will be smoked by the end. Yesterday I did 43 regular push-ups in that portion of the workout. Every week I will shoot for 5 more.

    The workouts pretty much count as Aerobics-high impact or Calisthenics-vigorous, so they each burn approximately 600 calories in an hour. Not too bad for exercises you can do in a dinky living room space like mine with less than $75 worth of equipment.

  11. Thanks for the review of P90X. I’m very intrigued. I could use a good workout in my living room for those days that I have my run in but can’t make it to the gym. I want it to keep me interested and I want it to have me smoked at the end. Sounds like P90X fits that bill. I have until the 29th to order the bar on sale, I ‘ll order both before then. Maggie, you introduced me LL, what a change THAT has made in my life and now to P90X. You really make some good choices!
    Julie Berg

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