Buff(er) Fairy Girl

It’s funny how my perception of what is attractive in the female form has changed since I hopped on the fitness wagon. I drew a cute lil’ fairy girl last year for a company art challenge, but never quite finished her. I decided to polish the sketch and turn it into a finished print for OASIS this year, but when I looked at the drawing again, I couldn’t get over how scrawny the figure’s arms were!

Take a look:

Old version of Pigtail Fairy

Her arm is way too short, and it looks like a twig. :yuck:

Needless to say, I had to fix it. Here’s a rough of the new arms. I should have the final version finished in another day or two. Honestly, I must have had delusions of heroine chic when I drew the first version. 🙄

Old version of Pigtail Fairy

14 thoughts on “Buff(er) Fairy Girl

  1. Hmm, I love muscular women, and fully encourage you to keep buffing up your female figures.

    That said, it seems kind of natural to me for some inexplicable reason that fairies should be waif-like 😉

    And like Cynthia, I love that you use a chop.

  2. Awesome. Much better arms. I liked the armband things, though– the way they sort of echoed the curve of her ponytail. Will they return?

  3. I also invision that fairies/nymphs are lithe. However, maybe a merge between the too would improve her arms without making her look like a bad-@$$ fairy. 😕

  4. I absolutely LOVE it. Do you draw tattoos for people? And if you do, how much do you charge–because I would absolutely love to have something like this on my body!!

    Let me know!


  5. I’m in awe of anyone who can draw as I have absolutely no skill in that area. You are really good! However, I do agree that the fairy should be more wiaf-like. Granted I don’t want arms like that but for a fairy I think the first one looked more like what I’d envision a fairy to look like.

  6. The pic is still in rough sketch mode, so there’s still a lot of work to be done, including getting those armband tats back on her arms, making a cleaned up black and white, and doing a color version. I’ll have to ponder toning down the size and muscle. Regardless of whether the waif look of the top pic is more appropriate for a fairy, the proportions are still off. The arm really is too short. 😕 I think the overall proportions of pic 2 are better.

    I can always put buff arms on a rogue or fighter girl drawing instead. :biggrin:

    This pic, for instance, also needs to be finished off. (I’m going to make the musculature on the arm more realistic and change the angle on the big daiklave sword.)

    Shawn–I’ve drawn a few tattoo designs in the past, and get a couple of requests for permission to use existing pieces for tattoos a few times a year as well. It depends on the complexity of the design, but something like the fairy girl in black and white is $25, and full color is $50.

  7. Yeh, see, this second pic she should have buff, muscular & lean arms.

    Admire the artistic talent. Alas, in place of some I have short arms instead. 😛

  8. :claphigh::claplow: I think youve done a great drwwing and I would love to see more of your work.

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