Popcorn is evil stuff

P&P is becoming more interesting.

I was doing very well, and then, out of the blue, I fell into two bags of microwave Lite Kettle Corn chased with an extra cran raisin yesterday, bumping my total calories up by 750 for the day and bringing my consecutive perfect day tally down to 0. Whew.

That confession was actually pretty cathartic, LOL.

I have been getting hungrier as the weeks have gone by, and the week off from training probably caused a bit of a rebound when I started up the strength training again. I’ll have to buckle down more now that three days out of the week are dropping down to 1400-1500. I may also have to rethink my meal schedule, because cutting off meals at 7:30 pm is NOT going to work if I keep staying up until 11:30 pm working on art or making new database applets. When 10 pm rolls around, I am hungry again, even if I’ve already had 6 meals.

There is a bright side to this: I am back in the non-stretchy, unforgiving AG jeans my sister gave me last November. Two weeks ago they were NOT going over my thighs without a shoehorn, but today they are good to go, even though my scale weight was back up to a kettle corn-bloated 135.8 this morning. :slappy:

And even better–my 25 lb bulk order of All the Whey chocolate blend protein arrived, so I can finally have some delicious chocolate shakes, muffins, cakes, and bars again. Thank goodness…I was afraid I’d have to dig into that nasty EAS banana creme flavor again.


5/23/05 P&P Challenge Report

Consecutive Perfect Days = 0 :crazy:
Total Perfect Days = 22/62

– 2297 calories eaten / +227 surplus
– 56.3% carb, 26.8% protein, 22.8% fat
– Three unauthorized meals
– All supplements taken
– 16 cups water
– All planned workouts performed

Weekly Weigh-In: 135.8 lbs on 5/21/05 (Start weight on 5/1/05: 135.4)

Nutrition: 2000-2100 calorie high zig zag day

1: Cran raisin bar, 1 oz noodles
2: Lemon banana yogurt shake
3: 4×2 spinach omelette and banana

4: Cherry vanilla FF yogurt, 1/2 c. strawberries
5: Beef noodle soup with 2 oz. noodles and 1 c. spinach
6: Turkey sloppy Joe, 3/4 c. fiesta mixed vegetables, 1/2 c. strawberries (or free meal at work)

Total: 1864 calories, 45.1% carb, 29.9% protein, 23.9% fat

Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D, 1 T. flaxseed oil
Water: 16 cups minimum

12:00 PM Cardio Incline treadmill walk/run (4 mph/10% incline/24 minutes, and 6-9 mph/0% incline/6 minutes)
10:00 PM Life’s Odyssey OARS (bicep curls, dbell bench press, and crunches) and P90X abs
10:30 PM P90X Yoga X (90 minutes)

The Awful Truth:
1. Didn’t get my P&P point for yesterday, darn it. 👿 Six weeks left to redeem myself!

Brownie Points:
1. Back on track today.
2. Fit into skinny jeans.
3. Feeling DOMS from Monday workout in shoulders and arms.
4. Made HDbase modules for karaoke and pet records, and started one for art commission work.

Short-term Goals:
1. Create P90X HanDbase module.
2. Work on Oasis 18 prints.
3. Cook more rice and roast chicken.
4. Pick up 20lb bag of Nutro Max cat food for the boys. ($21.99 for 20 lbs at Petco.)
5. Finish Handbase tutorials 4, 5, and 6.

9 thoughts on “Popcorn is evil stuff

  1. Oh my gosh, Maggie is human! 😉

    In an interesting post over at LL.com where Dave Greenwalt is in cut mode he said that his subconscious was telling him that he had been “good” for too long, so he took an extra big cheat meal. Of course was only a slight bump and he was back on track the next day. Not that I’m saying you need to be consoled or anything, because hell, I KNOW you don’t need consoling or advice on getting back on track!

    Congrats on the skinny jeans, and I think I’m going to try myself the Hanbase demo as well…..

  2. Oh, I’m fine with it. I have never had much in the way of guilt when it comes to food. :whistle: I don’t think my brain is wired that way. I pretty much ate at maintenance yesterday, so it was a nice refeed more than anything else. I’m going to take Dave Greenwalt’s advice and use that extra carb load to have the most kickass workouts possible today.

    It’s odd–even when I cheat, I cheat with popcorn that is 240 calories and 14 g fiber for a full bag, not with a full Domino’s pizza or a half gallon of Ben and Jerry’s. 🙄

    I seem to have automatic damage control built into my subconscious mind.

    I’m moderating today’s intake a bit so I’ll pretty much break even in this two day period.

    And that popcorn was SO good. :love:

  3. 25 pounds of chocolate blend!! What does the 25 pound bottle look like? Where do you put it? I would have to use it as a coffee table or something… just my two 5 pound bottles of chocolate and vanilla Allthewhey seem to take up half the top of the refrigerator.

  4. It comes in a cube box, not a big canister. 🙂 There’s probably a thick plastic bag of whey inside it. Those canisters aren’t very space efficient, are they?

    I keep my strawberry and vanilla on the kitchen counter, and I keep telling myself that I’ll sew up some cute protein powder cozies for them. :jester:

  5. Kyra–I don’t actually own the domain “causticmusings.com”. My blog is at causticmuse.com and maggiewang.com.

  6. coulda been worse magster. I know you set out to be perfect, but I’m hearing your body screaming: more carbs please!!! I’m sure you’ll use ’em all with those vigorous workouts . Good job for not falling into a pint of ben and jerry’s.

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