Free at last!


I have a day off!

:: faints from shock ::

I’m sitting at my desktop computer at home and just reveling in the knowledge that I don’t have to go to work today. This is only my second day off in the merry month of May. :shocked:

I’ve got three loads of laundry in varying states of completion on the bed, in the dryer, and in the washer. Dishes are all done. Ceiling fan blades have been defurred. (How DOES cat hair end up on the blades of a ceiling fan suspended from a vaulted ceiling anyway?) The carpet has been hoovered. My workouts are done. I have almost no food left besides canned tuna, oatmeal, and a slimy green-black lump that might have been a long lost head of Romaine lettuce, but hey, I can go shopping in a bit.

Right now I am going to just sit here and become one with my apartment.

I’ve missed it so.

5/30/05 P&P Challenge Report

Consecutive Perfect Days = 7
Total Perfect Days = 29/62

– 1575 calories eaten / -578 deficit
– 47.2% carb, 32.6% protein, 23.0% fat
– No unauthorized meals
– All supplements taken
– 16 cups water
– All planned workouts performed

Weekly Weigh-In:
5/1/05 – 135.4
5/7/05 – 135.0
5/14/05 – 134.8 lbs
5/21/05 – 135.8 lbs
5/28/05 – 134.4 lbs

Nutrition: 1600-1700 calorie mid zig zag day

1: 3×1 omelette, 1 c. spinach, 1/3 c. (dry) oatmeal
2: 3 oz. chicken, 2 c. Romaine, 1 c. strawberries
3: 2.5 oz. tuna, 1/4 c. FF plain yogurt, 3 c. Romaine and tomatoes
4: 3 oz. chicken, 1 c. broccoli, 1 c. strawberries
5: Chinese buffet splurge meal dinner with parents
6: None

Total: 2078 calories, 48.7% carb, 28.3% protein, 30.0% fat

Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D, 1 T. flaxseed oil
Water: 16 cups minimum

8:00 AM Plyometrics
12:00 PM Cardio – Treadmill LISS (4 mph / 10% incline / 30 minutes)

The Awful Truth:
1. Nothing.

Brownie Points:
1. Survived beta crunch! Now I just need to get through testing crunch. Sigh.

Short-term Goals:
1. Make forms for P90X module.
2. Plan out non-dairy diet.
3. Cook more rice and roast chicken.
4. Pick up 20lb bag of Nutro Max cat food for the boys. ($21.99 for 20 lbs at Petco.)
5. Get more groceries–go to Costco first.
6. Create SGX module

One thought on “Free at last!

  1. I think cat fur, like cats, get into the most unsual of places for the simple reason that cats of a certain age begin teleporting.

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