John at Muscletank/Sickofbeingfat/Sickofbeingskinny recently handed out a few more invitations to create profiles at the site. I have four invitations left after contacting folks who missed out last time around, so if you would like an account, please let me know.

(MT, SOBF, and SOBS are all the same site, by the way. You can choose your theme URL based on your goals and current level of fitness in your settings area.)

The site lets you track your daily intake, post measurements, keep an online fitness diary, put up progress photos, and interact with an active, friendly community of other fitness-minded people. No snerts and idiots in sight, either. 😉

And, if you are into such things, you get an autogenerated tracker graphic for your forum sig tags like this:

24 thoughts on “ Invitations

  1. Could I get one of those invitations
    I am on my second month of my first BFL
    challenge so far from 267 to 248in weight
    and body fat from 37.13% to 19.44%
    I am pretty stoked about the whole thing.

  2. I’d love on of those invitations!

    I just started my second BFL challenge and would really like to be able to track it on muscletank.


  3. Hey Maggie,

    I’ve been mapping out the cut/bulk/cut phases because I realized a few weeks ago all I was in was “diet” mode, when in actuality I was mentally going about it all wrong. Anyhow, I kno you mapped out several phases; your initial cut on BFL/LL, then bulking in Max-OT, and then now you’re cutting again.

    Here’s my plan thus far, and it’ll lead to my question: I want to lose about 8 pounds from where I am today for Cut Phase I. Then, given then I’m accepted into the LL Bootcamp to which I applied to, that will be Cut Phase II, losing about another 7 pounds.

    Then it’ll be the holidays. I’ll begin my bulk in mid-November, end in Feb, and then enter Cut Phase III again in time for the hot season getting down to about 15-16% body fat, down about 1-2% body fat from the first two cuts.

    So here’s the question… how long should my bulk really be, and what’s a practical weight gain for a woman? I can’t find the initial post where you entered your cut, and I could look at your photo stats, but I’ll look at them after I finish typing this, lol. I don’t think a weight gain in excess of 5lbs is necessary if I only want to gain about 2-3 pounds of extra muscle from the end of Cut II to the end of the bulk cycle. But that’s only from the top of my head; I know I still need to do more research but I’d figure I’d ask you as well.

    Thanks so much! You can email me if you’d prefer.

  4. Okay, just kidding–an update on my previous comment.

    You gained 11 pounds on your bulk, but I don’t know where the stats are for your BF%, although I do remember reading (and also guesstimating from photos) that you probably only fluctuated 1-3% between 128 to 139. That actually isn’t far off from my own map, so maybe I wasn’t completely off target in my planning.

    It just doesn’t seem entirely necessary, to me, after doing the math, as to why we would need to gain 10-12 pounds only to add about 2.5 pounds of lean mass at the end of the final cut cycle. You’d gain about 9lbs of lean mass after finishing a bulk, but then losing half of that. Isn’t it possible to gain less lean mass, bulk for a shorter period of time, and finish with the same stats? I know with you, you wanted to widen out your upper body, so from that perspective it makes sense to gain until you were satisfied with the physical results of that body part, but from the numbers only it seems like an uneccessary, or simply elongated, process.

  5. Hey,

    You don’t know me but I’ve been lurking around your journal for a while though – you’re really inspiring as I’m trying to lean out, I’ve found a lot of helpful resources in your journal and I really admire how dedicated you are to bettering yourself physically and mentally.

    I’ve seen the Muscletank website and have been looking to get an account, but of course you need the invite.
    I realise you’ve probably got friends etc. that would want it over me – but if you happen to have one left over, I’d be very glad to take it!


  6. It all depends on how easily you put on muscle. I build very easily in my legs, but my upper body is not nearly as responsive. If you’ve been reading LL, you’ve no doubt come across Dave Greenwalt’s estimates for realistic muscle gain for a woman. He estimates that a woman who is a complete newbie to weight training can only expect to gain 0.5-0.75 lbs of actual muscle per MONTH while consuming maintenance level calories. One who has been progressively weight training for a longer period can only expect 0.25-0.375 lbs of muscle gain per month. (Leanness Lifestyle, page 78). His chart says it is not applicable while actually gaining weight, so I’m guessing that the rate improves when deliberately bulking. If you try to gain mass without eating to support it, it will take you a LONG time to get anywhere unless you have superior genetics.

    Another factor in my bulking weight gain was approximately 4-5 lbs of rebound weight that slammed on in the month or so it took my metabolism to speed up again after 6 months of aggressive calorie restriction from BFL/LL. When you are only eating 1200-1400 calories for 6 months with a calculated maintenance intake of 2000-2100 calories, your metabolism SLOWS DOWN, free day or no.

    My error was raising my calories too abruptly from that 1300 average right to 1800-2000 without a gradual ramping up. When I reach goal this time around, I am going to slowly raise my calories from deficit level back up to maintenance over a period of a 4-6 weeks to avoid the same weight gain.

    For the first 2 months of my bulk I was hesitant to really raise my calories. I hung around maintenance level for most of that time and didn’t gain anything beyond the rebound poundage I mentioned earlier. I also didn’t see much in the way of muscle gain while on Max-OT. I was still doing HIIT cardio three times a week. Then came SGX, lots of carb-deprivation-driven cheating that pushed my totals slightly over maintenance certain days, replacement of HIIT runs with LISS incline walks, proper nutrient and meal timing, and a different lifting routine (powered by the increased STRENGTH I gained from Max-OT), and POOF! muscles, all within a space of 5-6 weeks after months of nada while putzing around at 2100 calories and barely any change on the scale.

    Here is my thought: Since you aren’t a complete gym newbie, if you go for a slow bulk at maintenance calories with almost no fat gain, it will take you up to 10 months to gain 2.5 lbs of muscle at a rate of 0.25 lbs/month. If you have good genetics, it might still take you almost 7 months at 0.375 lbs/month. If that fits your time frame for bulking, I’d say go for it, but you will NOT gain 2.5 lbs of lean mass with a shorter bulk cycle. Some people just can’t gain muscle without a more significant caloric surplus, so they go the more traditional bulk with some fat gain route and then cut.

    I’m still playing around with these things myself, so don’t take my experience as an authoritative source of what to do (or what not to do).

  7. All of my invitation codes have been handed out. Thanks for all the interest! Rick, Cheryl, Amanda, and Jacqui–I look forward to seeing you all on the site in the near future. :claplow:

  8. Maggie,

    I’ve been lurking on your site for about a month now – nice site! I went shopping this week for some of the recipes you’ve posted and I look forward to seeing how they turn out!

    If you get an extra Muscletank invite in the future, please consider sending one to me. I would greatly appreiate it.


  9. “Here is my thought: Since you aren’t a complete gym newbie, if you go for a slow bulk [b]at maintenance calories[/b] with almost no fat gain, it will take you up to 10 months to gain 2.5 lbs of muscle at a rate of 0.25 lbs/month. If you have good genetics, it might still take you almost 7 months at 0.375 lbs/month. If that fits your time frame for bulking, I’d say go for it, but you will NOT gain 2.5 lbs of lean mass with a shorter bulk cycle. Some people just can’t gain muscle without a more significant caloric surplus, so they go the more traditional bulk with some fat gain route and then cut.”

    When in bulk, aren’t you supposed to eat over maintenance and gain fat anyway?

    Hm. I shall finish my cut and then PM David Greenwalt about the timing of these things.

  10. I only brought up the slow bulk near maintenance level since Greenwalt’s charts were based on muscle gain while at a deficit or maintenance. I’d definitely chat with him regarding your bulking plans. I believe Cynthia ( is bulking using LL and advice from DG right now if you want to ask her about her program. :biggrin:

  11. that site(s) look interesting. i like the features it has. it’s probably something i’d be interested in in the future *bookmarks*

    so i’ve been meaning to comment on your site for a while now, i just haven’t really gotten around to it heh. first off, thank you for using my theme. i like what you’ve done with it. actually, i like what you did better than my original design 🙂 . i saw when you had it pink too, and i definitely like the olive better. i’m not a pink person either; i just figured there’d be a lot of other people into pink hehe.

    anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks. also, i think your “perfection challenge” is inspiring.

  12. Maggie, do you think it was the combination of all of those factors that helped your bulk? Because, yes, there seemed to be a POOF! muscles! moment for you with SGX. I’m making slow gains with LL and not sure what I want to do next as I revamp my program to bring me to the next level. Some things I’m considering:

    1. new workout routines with 4 day splits thus more time working each muscle group.
    2. replacing HIIT with LISS
    3. upping the calories a bit (I’m averaging about 1700 cals/day at a 40/40/20 split)

    I hadn’t considered altering my macronutrient ratios….I wonder if that might help? What are your thoughts?


  13. I’d love an invitation as my husband and i will be getting started on 7-1-05 to transform our lives and body’s

  14. Hey maggie,

    After reading all of the posts on bulking and cutting and the comment you made on your POOF! muscles moment, have you found that SGX was the most efficient program of the 3 you did?

  15. Hey, I still have a couple invite codes left too Maggie – so if people want em, lemme know. Plus pam was willing to give hers out also. :wiz:

  16. Cynthia and Erica–I don’t believe that SGX was the most effective cutting program I’ve tried–Leanness Lifestyle wins that one hands down–but it was probably the best program for putting on muscle while at a deficit. I believe I made muscle gains on SGX because I jumped into it immediately after a few months of Max OT. Kyra posted some information a few weeks ago in the comments are of this post about what NASM says about programs like Max OT–they will increase your strength, but not necessarily your muscle size. So I was stronger but not bigger after Max-OT. Then I switched to the SGX/Femgenix lifting split, which IS focused on hypertrophy and muscle growth. I wasn’t super strict with the SGX diet; I probably cheated with extra carbs at least 2 nights a week. Add that to the new training routine, removal of high intensity cardio, and the use of a post-workout recovery shake, and I wound up with some instant arm muscles.

    Nico is doing a diet very similar to SGX now with very good results, so it DOES work as written for cutting. But for me, due to my purely coincidental use of Max-OT before SGX and the aforementioned carb munchies, it turned out to be a fantastic bulk without scale weight gain.

  17. Thanks! I will be reworking my routine and hope to also have a “Poof! Muscles!” moment. You’ll definitely hear it when it happens…. :barbells:

  18. Sorry–I don’t have any MT invitations left to hand out at this time; there were a few folks who were waiting the last time I posted about the invitations, and after taking care of them, I only had 3 remaining to hand out to new folks this time around. Kyra at might have one or two left if you check over there!

  19. If another invite becomes available I’d be very interested. Thanks. :wig:

  20. Maggie…..
    I will name my first born after you……… can i get an invite please???? hehe

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