The Truth About Morning Cardio

So I’m back on the fasted morning cardio kick from SGX as of yesterday morning. I repeated the process again this morning, and while I was trudging along to the tune of Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?” while reading the close-captioned CNN Headline News on the fitness room television, I had an epiphany.

Numerous fitness gurus, magazines, and amateur practitioners will tell you that fasted morning cardio is the way to go because it takes advantage of the peak window for fat-burning. They’ll say that you will burn more fat in this time block because you won’t be burning food and various other reasons.

I don’t know if these things hold any water, but I know why *I* burn more fat when I do fasted morning cardio.

It’s simply because if I get my ass out of bed and knock out the cardio immediately, I will actually get it DONE. Fasted morning cardio is a guaranteed 300-450 calorie burn for me every DAY if I do it.

Non-fasted, non-morning cardio, on the other hand, often results in 0 exercise calories burned per day because I will be too busy, tired, or lazy once my foot goes out the door to head to work to ever get around to doing it.

Just based on the consistency factor, fasted morning cardio will always burn more calories for me than any other type. :slappy:

Left Elbow Update: Still sore. Actually more sore than it was last week, even with the pull-up sabbatical I’ve taken this week. I modified today’s P90X legs/back workout by doing resistance band work instead of the pull-ups that are normally done, but the elbow is still feeling odd. I may have to take advantage of the company health insurance and go get a doc’s opinion next week if it doesn’t feel better soon. :ouch:

6/9/05 P&P Challenge Report

Consecutive Perfect Days = 17
Total Perfect Days = 39/62

– 1460 calories eaten / -1063 deficit
– 43.1% carb, 30.5% protein, 32.5% fat
– No unauthorized meals
– All supplements taken
– 16 cups water
– All planned workouts performed

Weekly Weigh-In:
5/1/05 – 135.4
5/7/05 – 135.0
5/14/05 – 134.8 lbs
5/21/05 – 135.8 lbs
5/28/05 – 134.4 lbs
6/4/05 – 135.6 lbs

Nutrition: 1400-1500 calorie low zig zag day

1: 4×1 omelette, 2 c. spinach, apple
2: Whey/dextrose PWO shake
3: Banana bread
4: 3×1 omelette, 1 c. spinach, banana
5: Turkey spinach lasagna, 1 c. mixed veggies, 1 Lactaid pill
6: 1/2 c. 1% cottage cheese, 1/6 c. dry oats, 3/4 c. blueberries

Total: 1480 calories, 42.9% carb, 31.0% protein, 31.1% fat

Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D, 1 T. flaxseed oil or natural peanut butter
Water: 16 cups minimum

8:30 AM Cardio – LISS treadmill (4 mph / 10% incline / 33 minutes and 6 mph/ 0% incline/ 12 minutes)
12:00 PM P90X Legs (60 minutes)

The Awful Truth:
1. Didn’t get home from work until 12:30 AM. Only got 6 hours of sleep as a consequence.

Brownie Points:
1. Did the dishes again!
2. Baked protein-enriched banana bread this morning.
3. Did the dreaded 45 minutes of LISS.

Short-term Goals:
1. Make forms for P90X module.
2. Pick up some beef for steak and beef noodles.
3. Cook chicken breast in fridge into something extraordinary and tasty.

4 thoughts on “The Truth About Morning Cardio

  1. I can relate to this post completely. If I do not get my workout (cardio or not) done in the AM the likelihood of me NOT doing any workout is quite high. AM workouts for me are the only way to go. Yep fed weight lifting would be better but AM lifting is better than NO lifting. 😆

  2. re: elbow…. here’s a potentially useful link I found when i was told my shoulder pain was tendonitis….I did this for awhile until i found a NEW doctor and it turned out I had ripped the muscle off the tip of my shoulder blade. Go me! []

  3. On your elbow pain again, you can try using only under hand grip back for a while and see if that helps until you see a Doc, like I said before, cortisone is usually the end all, although most Docs will put you on Motrin first, then an anti-inflammatory, then the shot, after telling you that you should take a few months off. I was in Egypt for my last bout of tendonitis, so it was nice, “Doc I need a shot”, Doc “Here let me see, yeah that is tendonitis, you need a shot young man”, Me “thanks Doc”, while I smile as he runs the needle up and down the length of my Tendon. Intense pain, 2 hours, total relief, priceless.

    About the under hand grip, it puts more pressure full across tha bicep tendons instead of the normally painful brachialis, so you can get some back in without (hopefully) the pain, if it has advanced too far, it will still hurt.

    Good luck, and also congrats on the personal trainer class, I left the military under the VSI program , and subsequently enjoyed life and travel too much and let my full benifits lapse after 10 years, so basically congrats on being smarter than an old man:)


  4. I’ve gotten mixed reactions about a.m. training. Weight lifting on an empty stomach is a disaster for me personally. Maybe I’m just too lazy in the morning. I could probably fake some cardio, but I’ve been adding it to the end of weight training sessions lately with some success with the idea that my heart rate is already up. I’d be interested to know your take on that.

    Re: your arm. As weird as it sounds, your symptoms sound similar to some nerve damage I had recently. Apparantly, there are a bunch of nerves running over the bicep close to the skin. Weight training and a shoulder injury apparently pinched one of mine. I had this crazy soreness in the crook of my elbow where the bicep meets. Maybe the pain in your arm is related to your shoulder/rotor cuff. Just a thought. Even if it isn’t, exercises for your rotator cuff are a good idea to include in your workouts. They’ll help your pull ups, bench, and overall fitness a lot. Best of luck with this. Injuries suck!

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