SGX C2W1D4: Still Going…

SGX is chugging along smoothly on this fourth day. I’m taking some hits on my energy level when it comes to high intensity cardio, but lifting and LISS cardio are fine. I’ve decided to do 20 minutes of HIIT cardio as part of my T/Th/Sa cardio sessions along with 25 minutes of LISS to fill in the time gap, but Tuesday’s experience during the HIIT run portion of my workout drove home the need to cut back my interval speeds a bit while I’m on this program. I have a lot less glycogen to work with on non-training days on SGX than I do when I’m eating BFL (40/40/20) or BFFM (50/30/20) style, so I have to parcel out my resources more carefully.

The at home leg workout yesterday was pretty good. My grip still isn’t keeping up with my leg strength, however, so I had to do my dbell squats with some relatively light 40 lb dumbbells vs. the 135 lb Olympic bar I use at the gym. However, the dumbbells let me drop lower than the barbell normally does, so I got some good muscle activation in my glutes and hams out of it. I also subbed lunges for the leg curls that were on the program. As I have not done any lunges in a while, I woke up this morning with a very sore bum indeed.

I went to the gym last night for cardio and found the place mobbed as usual by the after work/school crowd. Bleah. I wanted to get on one of the high incline trainers that go up to 30% incline, but all of them were in use. I settled for a regular treadmill and did a combination steady-state run at 0% incline and 6.5 mph and incline walk at 3.5 mph and 10% incline. For whatever reason, I was sweating like mad yesterday during cardio and looked like a total, dripping mess by the time I hopped off the machine. Most of the people there didn’t even look like they were working up any kind of sweat at all on the treadmills. Did they think they were getting anything out of their human hamster time when they weren’t even out of breath?

As planned, I stopped by the front desk on the way out and asked to cancel my membership. It turns out that Gold’s has a 30 day notice policy, so I will still have to pay for another month of membership, and I won’t have to turn in my keycard until September 15. Oh well….I guess I’ll just make the most of my remaining Gold’s time. The Powerblocks will pay for themselves eventually, and now I have a portable set of weights I can take with me when I go hang out on the other side of town for the weekend.

I just discovered another negative to evening cardio aside from the utterly crushing sense of despair one feels when one realizes that one must perform 45 minutes of $#$!@# cardio after a long day at work instead of getting to go home and vegetate with one’s cats and a game of WoW–extended bouts of cardio keep me up for a few hours. I got home and literally couldn’t sleep until 2:45 am. I did the dishes, washed two loads of laundry, cleaned the tub, watered my plants, played with my cats, went grocery shopping, cooked a few meals, ate, reorganized my protein powder collection, sang some karaoke, did some pull-ups, read half a book, flipped through 5 different cookbooks for chicken thigh recipes, and tossed out some old el cheapo aluminum non-stick cookware from my Army days.

Yeah…evening cardio must be kept at a minimum from this day forth. I can’t be spazzing out like this every night. It makes it impossible to get up in the morning, and that just leads to more heinous evening cardio. :crazy:

On top of that, I woke up with completely crazy Anime Boy Hero hair this morning because I went to bed with my hair still damp from my shower. As if my crazy mop of half frizzy, half straight hair wasn’t nutty enough on its own…sigh. Evening cardio just blows in all ways.


Nutrition: SGX Non-Training Day Menu
(Details omitted by request of trainer)

Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D, 1 T. flaxseed oil or natural peanut butter, 1 t. GNC Creastack
Water: 16 cups minimum

7:15 PM LISS Cardio – Walk (3.5 mph / 10% incline / 45 minutes)
8:00 PM P90X Abs

The Awful Truth:
1. Didn’t get to bed until 2:45 AM because I was still hyper from late evening cardio. :wig:

Brownie Points:
1. Did cardio after work.
2. Cancelled gym membership (active until September 15, 2005)
3. Picked up more Essensia peanut butter (extra crunchy-yum!), turkey patties, tilapia filets, veggies, and ketchup on sale at Albertsons.
4. Cleaned the bathtub.
5. Did the dishes.
6. Did the laundry.
7. Transferred 5 flavors of protein powder to smaller containers (old cottage cheese and FF yogurt containers) and put the huge canisters into the kitchen cabinets to make my counter top look nicer.
8. Threw out a big pile of cardboard boxes.

Short-term Goals:
1. Make some fresh salad dressing.
2. Bulk cook chicken.
3. Make non-dairy, high fiber protein bars with new ATW protein powder, PB, and Fiber One.
4. Put extra boxes into storage closet outside.
5. Tidy up balcony garden stuff and transplant Tumbling Tom cherry tomato seedlings to hanging basket.

6 thoughts on “SGX C2W1D4: Still Going…

  1. Maggie,

    Does your protein and dextrose PWM mix well in water using a shaker bottle? I’ve tried Recover-X and it doesn’t mix so well in a shaker. My Optimum Protein mixes very well in water, but I was wondering if the dextrose does, too.

  2. Dextrose is a very fluffy, fine-grained form of sugar, somewhere between powdered sugar and regular granular sugar in consistency, so it mixes extremely well in water.

  3. Do you have your non-dairy Protein Bar recipes on here some where and I don’t see them? I am getting rid of all dairy in my diet. In the last month I included it again to eat cottage cheese and make bars even though I have been avoiding it for years because I am lact-intolerant –you know all about that! It has made muy skin completely break out and greasy, and even though I am starting to cut and my waist is getting smaller, my face is getting puffier. Hate dairy now! 👿

  4. When you consulted with Swole, did you wind up doing the standard SGX program or the FGX? I think I read somewhere you writing it out as “FGX” but every other time you refer to it as SGX. Just wanted to check!

  5. Shawn, my program is basically the Swolegenix diet adjusted for my physical stats with what I believe is the workout program from Femgenix, which focuses specifically on widening the shoulders.

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