SGX C2W5D4: The Joys of Container Veggie Gardening

It’s been 8 weeks since I first sowed my first batch of vegetable seeds from Park’s, and I am happy to report that I have THREE little soy bean pods to show for my time and effort. Yes! I have finally managed not to kill off my plants!

Okay, okay, so the 20 strawberry plants I got from Park’s didn’t make it, but I blame that mostly on Neville the Plant Killer, who thought that the bareroot plants were his personal playthings.

However, the plants I started from seed have all sprouted with varying degrees of success:

1 green Beauty Bell pepper
4 yellow Early Sunsation bell peppers
4 orange Bulgarian “carrot” hot peppers
1 Thai giant hot pepper
3 Fairy Tale hybrid eggplants
2 regular size container hybrid tomatoes
2 Tumbling Tom container cherry tomatoes
2 Soy beans
3 Strawberries (still dinky)

I think I’m going to be a bit overextended on peppers and tomatoes, to be honest, but oh well.
I also bought two dinky lil’ fruit trees, a dwarf banana ($7.48) and a dwarf black fig ($6.50). The fig is still alive, but is about as robust as Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. I’m hoping it will perk up once I move it outside. The 75 degree temperature in my apartment may be too chilly for it. The banana tree…um…is thriving. When it arrived it was a sad little thing that looked like a 10″ tall coleus. Now it is at least 18″ tall with huge leaves. This thing is going to be several feet tall in a year at this rate, possibly even halfway to its maximum height of 10 feet. I wonder if I can possibly eat 90 bananas in a season?

I have a dwarf blueberry bush that is due to ship in September as well. I’m a bit concerned about that one since berries usually don’t do well in Florida’s nasty hot weather, but it’s worth a shot for $8.95.

The only non-edible plant I have in the apartment is, amazingly enough, also still alive. The orchid my father gave me last year has managed to come back from the Egregious Balcony Closet Incident of last year when the poor thing was shoved into my outdoor storage closet by some workmen hired by the apartment complex to resurface and paint every balcony. Since I was told that anything left on the balcony when the workmen arrived would be thrown away, I assumed that the orchid had been tossed into the nearest dumpster when I got home from my morning workout to find the balcony completely empty.

I suffered all kinds of guilt. Not only had I managed to neglect the poor plant until all the flowers fell off, I failed to bring it inside before the Awful Plant-hating Workmen arrived!

Imagine my horror when, one month later, I opened my storage closet to chuck in a few cardboard boxes and saw the orchid on the floor inside! 😯

I saw a bit of green amidst all the dried brown leaves, so I brought it indoors and gave the sad thing some water. Now, several months and a few strategic prunings of dead limbs later, I have a living orchid again, albeit sans flowers.

If I manage to get it blooming again, I’ll finally be able to remove the “brown thumb” label from my profile.

Nutrition: SGX Non-Training Day Menu
(Details omitted by request of trainer)

Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D, 1 T. flaxseed oil or natural peanut butter, 1 t. GNC Creastack
Water: 16 cups minimum


The Awful Truth:
1. Need to take today as a rest day due to work schedule and plans to have dinner with visiting relatives from Washington tonight.

Brownie Points:
1. Did the laundry.
2. Swept and mopped kitchen.
3. Balanced accounts in Money and scheduled bill payments for the end of the month.

Short-term Goals:
1. Do one chapter of character modeling book.
2. Read two chapters of NASM book.
3. Do the dishes.

One thought on “SGX C2W5D4: The Joys of Container Veggie Gardening

  1. Ah. The potted garden. Been down that road. Exciting! The tomatoes did very well, too well, actually. I think one plant would have been sufficient. But my cantelopes (i.e. deck-elopes) didn’t do very well at all. I gave them all sorts care and I only got three softball-sized melons. But, they were quite tasty.

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