SGX C2W6D3: Serious September

September is to be my month of serious discipline on a number of fronts.

Financial: I am extremely close to being 100% debt-free. I’m talking about no student loans, no car payments, no credit card balances, nada. I am budgeted down to the last penny this coming month, and as long as I stay focused and within my planned income and expenses, I’ll emerge on October 1 free and clear of financial liabilities. Yay!

I may try out the saving spree idea from savvy saver’s blog. It would be an interesting experiment to see how many days I can go without buying anything not considered a living expense or necessity. I admit that I do budget a small but reasonable amount for entertainment, software, books, and such each month, but with no birthdays, weddings, or special events coming up in September, I think I can get away with not using very much (or ANY) of that fun money at all.

Let’s see how much entertainment I can squeeze out of $0 for September. I have the public library for movies, books, and audio, an existing collection of close to two dozen computer and video games I still need to play, three graphics programs I’ve been meaning to learn, and several outfits I can sew for myself with the fabric, thread, notions, and patterns I have in my closet.

I don’t think I’ll feel too deprived.

Diet and Exercise: It’s time to buckle down and refocus in this area. My membership at Gold’s will be officially cancelled on September 15, so I need to have a plan in place that uses only my home workout equipment (chin-up bar, bench, Powerblocks, yoga mat, stability ball, resistance bands, and a decent collection of exercise vids) and the small selection of workout equipment at my apartment complex’s fitness room (4 stationary bikes, 2 treadmills, 1 elliptical, 1 stair stepper, and 5-6 lever/cable machines of assorted type).

My issue over the past few months has been consistency. I need to get back to the daily morning workouts regardless of how harried my life becomes. To that end I’ve signed up for another fun 3 week Life’s Odyssey Challenge at eDiets. Perhaps I’ll even (finally) give the Eating for Life recipes at eDiets a real shot this time around, LOL. To get myself back into the right mindset, I’m going to do a nice, easy BFL challenge for a minimum of 8 weeks starting next Monday. My diet will be a hybrid of SGX and BFL, but I’m going to do only the BFL workouts as my core exercises, and add only the extras required by the Life’s Odyssey challenge.

Education: My NASM exam is coming up in October, so this is crunch month for studying. I’m scheduling 2 hours of study time each night M-F. Lunch may be devoted to it, too. It’s a good thing I’m actually interested in the subject matter. :slappy:

Nutrition: BFL/SGX Training Day Menu
(SGX nutrition details omitted by request of trainer)

1: 3×1 omelette with 1/2 c. sauteed green beans and 3 WW pancakes
2: 3 oz. Thai street vendor’s chicken, 1/2 c. green beans, 3/4 c. rice
3: 1 c. FF yogurt, 1 pear, 1/2 scoop ATW chocolate whey
4: SGX Meal
5: SGX Meal
6: SGX Meal

Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D, 1 T. flaxseed oil or natural peanut butter, 1 t. GNC Creastack
Water: 16 cups minimum

7:00 PM SGX lower body workout
8:00 PM LISS Cardio – Stationary Bike (Level 3-4 / 45 minutes)

The Awful Truth:
1. Stayed up too late last night. Might have to integrate some strategic morning caffeine into my daily routine.

Brownie Points:
1. Cooked a huge bag of green beans.
2. Cleaned out fridge.
3. Finished laundry.
4. Called for Pap smear results–Good to go!!!

Short-term Goals:
1. Do one chapter of character modeling book.
2. Read two chapters of NASM book.
3. Put some variety into cardio workouts this week.
4. Get Experian credit report corrected.
5. Do not let TOTM affect workout intensity.
6. Re-order multivitamins.
7. Pick up new nerd glasses.
8. Make deposit at bank.
9. Send out FSA direct deposit form so I won’t have to keep going to the bank!
10. Send care package to sister in Boston.

One thought on “SGX C2W6D3: Serious September

  1. Congrats to you if you can be debt free by October!!! :prop:

    Also, what type of nerd glasses are you getting? I saw a girl with the typical black framed nerd glasses, but the top and bottom of the frame was white! It looked quite chic.

    Also, It took me forever to do direct deposit, mostly because I liked going to the bank and depositing my paycheck. My boss, even though he’s in his late 40s, still takes his check to the bank, but instead of depositing it in the ATM, he likes to stand in line, and do it with a teller. Old habits die hard, I suppose.

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