Coupon Codes for Handheld Software has a 15% off any purchase code that is valid through September 30, 2005: SEPTSAVINGS

Useful fitness/diet applications at Handango:

Meanwhile, also has a coupon code for 10% off (valid through September 30, 2005): COOLDOWN

Finally, if you are looking for a decent Palm OS food and exercise application, Keyoe’s Diet and Exercise Assistant is on sale for $14.96 through September 26 at This is the Palm OS version only. If you need Pocket PC or desktop, pick it up from Handango at 15% off. 😉

Unfortunately, the 10% off code is not stackable with the sale item. :grumpy:

5 thoughts on “Coupon Codes for Handheld Software

  1. I use the Pocket Diet Tracker program for my Dell Axim… it’s awesome. I think it can be used in conjunction with MySportTraining, but I’m not 100% sure (haven’t tried).

  2. Thanks for the tip on the Diet & Exercise Assistant. I stopped using my Palm a long time ago, but I thought this might be easier than writing things on my hand until I can get to my Excel spreadsheet. The geek in me is pleased, new toy, cheap. I spent a couple hours playing with it all. Thanks again.

  3. So what you’re saying is – for peak nutrition I should convince my husband to buy me a palm and nutrition tracking software!! :wig: Sweet!

  4. Alli–Nifty. I plan to install a trial of MySportTraining this week. I don’t think the diet module is available for Palm yet. 🙁

    Colleen–Glad you like DEA. I really find it handy to keep with me since I can quickly log my meals and workouts without lugging a notebook around with me. The only thing I wish DEA had is a customizable exercise database like the food database.


  5. What miffs me is that I’m totally a Blackberry girl.

    And I don’t like the software for blackberries as much as DEA. ARGH!

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