LL C2W4D3: Lean, Mean Halloween Challenge

To fire things up at the new PinkDumbbells.com site, we are doing a one month mini-challenge for October patterned after my Progress AND Perfection challenge from this summer. The challenge is open to all registered members of PDB, and all programs are welcome.

The basic framework of the challenge includes writing down your goals, exercise program, and nutrition plan, and then trying your damnedest to follow your own rules from October 1-31. Personally, I am adding a few extras in there for myself, including weekly measurements and progress photos, a handful of good behavior modifications, and the consecutive/total perfect day counter.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, please visit the Lean, Mean Halloween challenge sign up thread at Pink Dumbbells. You will need a free account at PDB to participate.

Come on…you can handle just four and a half measly weeks of turbo mode, can’t you? Best of all, you will bask in the happy, warm and fuzzy knowledge that at least ten other women are suffering–er, I mean kicking ass!–right beside you!

Join up now! We start this Saturday!

Nutrition: Training Day Menu
(SGX nutrition details omitted by request of trainer)

1: 1/2 c. FF cottage cheese, 3/4 c. blueberries, 1 T. oatmeal
2: 2 oz. unsalted yogurt, raisin, seed and nut trail mix
3: 1/2 can tuna and small apple
4: 1/2 c. FF cottage cheese, 1/2 apple with cinnamon, 2 T. oatmeal
5: PWO Dextrose/whey shake
6: Chicken and vegetables in tomato sauce with 4 oz. sweet potato

Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D, 1 T. flaxseed oil or natural peanut butter
Water: 16 cups minimum

8:00 AM Y!F Fitness Assessment 2 (20 minutes)
7:15 PM MAP Full Body Blitz workout #6 (60 minutes)
8:30 PM Y!F Workout (30 minutes)

The Awful Truth:
1. Took a rest day yesterday due to lack of sleep.

Brownie Points:
1. 18.0% body fat at a whopping 139.2 lbs this morning. Still fit into skinny jeans.
2. Almost finished with PDB set up.
3. Wrote up my plans for Lean, Mean Halloween challenge.
4. Turned in library books.
5. Got blog function working properly at PinkDumbbells.com
6. Deposited new FSA check.
7. Put car registration back into glove compartment.
8. Created logo/banner for PDB.

Short-term Goals:
1. Upload HandBase workout module.
2. Cook chicken breast.
3. Defrost chicken leg quarters.
4. Cook all sweet potatoes and Napa.
5. Buy cheap plastic shelves from Target or Ghetto-Mart and move plants to balcony.
6. Re-do PDA schedule for the next month.

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