LL C2W8D2: Shifty Power Practices

Last month my electricity bill for my little bijou of a single bedroom apartment was a whopping $149.20 for the billing period of 8/15-9/15/05. Progress Energy claimed that I used 1421 kilowatt hours of electricity, and charged me a premium on the kwh and fuel amount over 1000 kwh. I was a bit shocked since my average bill is around $60-$70 though the previous month’s bill had been in the mid-$80s due to some extravagant air conditioner usage on my part. Hey, working out at home requires a chillier room temperature than just puttering around on a computer!

Anyway, I paid the bill and vowed to check up on the meter.

I then promptly forgot to do so.

Now we reach the end of October and I receive an email notice that my Progress Energy bill is once again available online. I head over to PE’s site and see that for the period of 9/16-10/15/05, I owe exactly $0. In fact, I have an account credit of $11.33 according to the latest statement. Taking a closer look, I see that the power company has done a bit of corrective billing this month, overriding the BS statement from last month and updating with the CORRECT amounts.

My actual usage from 8/15-9/14 was just 650 kwh, and usage for 9/15-10/15 was 607 kwh, for a grand total of $137.87 for two months of service.

Those myopic punks at Progress Energy had read the wrong meter AGAIN and overcharged me! The same thing happened to me around January of this year. :mad2:

I suppose I should be glad that they discovered the error this month and that it was in my favor (sucks to be the folks who got undercharged last month and are paying double in October, bwahahahaha!), but GAH!!! I hate this kind of incompetence. I’m fortunate that I am not living paycheck to paycheck and that I have enough financial padding to cover this sort of temporary billing error, but crummy recording and accounting practices like these could really mess up the budgets of less fortunate people.

Nutrition: Training Day Menu
(SGX nutrition details omitted by request of trainer)

1: PWO Dextrose/whey/Creastack shake
2: SGX PWO Meal
3: 3 oz. BBQ chicken, 1 c. mixed veggies, 1 apple
4: SGX Meal
5: SGX Meal
6: Free meal (hors d’oeuvres at company party)

Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D, 1 T. flaxseed oil or natural peanut butter

Water: 16 cups minimum

7:00 AM Legs/Glutes (40 minutes)
7:40 PM YF Lower body workout (30 minutes)

The Awful Truth:
1. Nothing!

Brownie Points:
1. 20/31 Perfect LMH Challenge Days
2. Folded laundry.
3. Got 6.5 hours of sleep.

Short-term Goals:
1. Update HandBase workout module.
2. Read a few chapters from NASM book.
3. Choose pattern and sew Halloween costume.
4. Make some TVP burger patties and freeze them.
5. Pick up spinach, eggs, raisins, and almonds.

3 thoughts on “LL C2W8D2: Shifty Power Practices

  1. I really like that emoticon. 🙂 And I’m glad they figured out their own errors, but it still is annoying to discover such complications. 😐
    Maggie, are those sheets (I think they were in PDF format?) with tons of recipes as well as the ratios you should eat if you’re trying to lose weight or bulk up still on your site, or available anywhere on the internet? I know that BFL site closed, so you may have lost them, but I found them really helpful and lost them myself, so I thought I’d ask.

  2. Maggie,
    I think the company could be sued for some sort of misrepresentation by calling itself, “Progress” energy. It’s anything but a progressive company.
    Any chance of getting .avi’s, mpg’s, or mov’s of a few of the plyo movements you do on that workout?

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