Running the Circle

I accidentally ran 4 miles yesterday.

I really didn’t mean to run quite that far, but I had set a goal of making it around Eagle Circle, the big loop around my new neighborhood for Sunday cardio, and end result was the longest outdoor run that I’ve experienced since my first name was Specialist and my daily work wear included combat boots.

I will say that it really wasn’t that strenuous or difficult physically, but by the gods and goddesses, it was boring as hell.

I must pull my rollerblades out of storage and build up to doing all of the circle on wheels instead of my Mizunos. I can feel some shinsplints coming on today from the pounding on the sidewalks yesterday morning.

This week holds more piecemeal apartment moving to the new house, lots of bulk cooking tonight, some house painting, and a bit of balcony gardening fun for me. My desktop computer and associated components, three boxes of books, and my sewing machine and gear are at the new house, but I still need to move many more books and movies, the rest of my kitchen, all of the contents of my closet, six bookcases, two desks, one bed, many plants, one cat condo, and two feline furballs. I am behind on my bulk cooking for the week as well, so that will have to get done ASAP. I’m not sure if I will have to participate in painting the living and dining rooms at the house, but I’m rather hoping I won’t. 😉

I WAS going to spread my move out over the next month and a half, but it is just too inconvenient having my belongings divided into two households. I’m leaning toward getting almost everything shifted over to the house by this coming Sunday and just keeping the bare minimum at the apartment: bed, papasan chair, drafting table, one bookcase to hold the Xbox and VCR for workouts, one decent pan, a chef’s knife, two sets of silverware, one bowl, one cup, one plate, a cutting board, 3-4 changes of clothing and workout clothes, my Powerblocks, and my laptop. The apartment will be the emergency crashpad/lunch time workout space/food stash close to work, but I will be pretty much living out of the house.

Nutrition: Training Day Menu
(SGX nutrition details omitted by request of trainer)

1: 3×1 tomato omelette, 1 c. globe grapes
2: 3×1 spinach omelette, 1/4 c. raisins
3: 3/4 c. low fat cottage cheese, 2/3 c. strawberries
4: 3 oz. tuna, 1 c. mixed veggies, 1 apple
5: Dextrose/whey PWO shake
6: SGX PWO meal

Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D, 1 T. flaxseed oil or natural peanut butter

Water: 16 cups minimum

7:00 PM Back/Biceps/Abs (45 minutes)
7:45 PM YF Cardio or Core (45 minutes)

The Awful Truth:
1. Not enough water!
2. Fell into 3 meals/day pattern this weekend while moving some stuff to the new house and doing home improvements.

Brownie Points:
1. Moved desktop computer and sewing stuff to house.
2. Installed PC-Cillin on Mom’s computer and removed annoying Norton Security Center trial from Dell.
3. Ran 4 miles outside yesterday.
4. Folded laundry.

Short-term Goals:
1. Update HandBase workout module.
2. Read two chapters from NASM book.
3. Bake new batch of carrot/pumpkin raisin bread.
4. Pack up 4 more boxes of stuff to take over to the house.
5. Bag, marinate, and freeze 8 lbs of chicken breast and 4 lbs of chicken legs.
6. Vacuum.
7. Throw out boxes in the kitchen.

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