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Since Tiffani (and others) have asked, here are a few sources for those pull up bars that hang from doorways with mouldings:

Everlast bar Door Gym Jungle Jam
Everlast Multifunction Chinning Bar
$27.99 with free shipping from
Door Gym
$42.95 + $2.95 shipping from Karate Depot
Jungle Jam/ P90X Chin-Up Bar
$53.95 + $14.95 shipping

Thanks to a mix up at the Beachbody warehouse last spring, I wound up with both a Jungle Jam AND a Door Gym, so I can give my impressions of both

The Door Gym is a very well-constructed, sturdy piece of equipment even though it doesn’t have as many grips as the Jungle Jam or the Everlast bars. The dense foam padding on the areas that come in contact with your wall and door frame is thick enough to prevent damage to your home or apartment. The bolts that are located on the top bar that hangs right over your door moulding are recessed into the bar and won’t scratch up your wall. All of the nuts and bolts were included, assembly was very easy, and the whole unit pops on and off the door frame easily. At its widest point, the bar is around 37″ wide, so make sure your doorway isn’t too wide for it. Another possible problem is door location; even if your door is the perfect size, if it is too close to a corner on one or both sides, you might not be able to center the bar properly in the doorway.

The Jungle Jam has a lot of different grips, but the design isn’t as polished as the Door Gym. It is 41″ wide, so the note above about doors too close to corners applies even more here. Some of the bolts also seemed to be a bit too short in my opinion, and the assembly instructions were a bit confusing. My main gripe is that the bolts in the top support bar that goes over the top of the door are NOT sufficiently recessed. There is padding on the support bar, but with regular use, those two bolts WILL dig into your wall above the door. Padding that area with some folded up duct tape might help you avoid creating divots in your wall. Speaking of padding…while there is foam padding on the grips of the Jungle Jam, the parts that come in contact with your home are covered with a black rubber that did leave marks on my door frame. It also wasn’t soft/thick enough to prevent the bar from digging into the wood, so I had faint black stains plus two tubular dents in my frame after using the Jungle Jam for a few months. The metal tubing of the bar does seem to be nice and sturdy; the JJ weighs a ton compared to the Door Gym.

I don’t own the Everlast bar, but there are some reviews from other owners on the site. That one seems to have mixed reviews–some units were shipped with missing parts, but the significant cost savings might make a trip to the nearest hardware store for $5 worth of nuts and bolts worthwhile.

34 thoughts on “Chin Up / Pull Up Bar Links

  1. Do you feel either of these allowed a wide enough grip to simulate a lat pulldown?

  2. I haven’t seen the Everlast bar in person, but I’d say that the Jungle Jam bar definitely has a wide enough grip to sub for a lat pulldown.

  3. i ordered the beachbody chin up bar then had to return it because the holes weren’t drilled properly. so they sent me another and the same problem occurred. i am dealing with their corporate office now to fix the issue. its really weird and now i just don’t want to deal with it. just thought i’d post incase anyone else was having the same problems.

  4. Hello Maggie,

    I have been reviewing various chin-up bars and the one from P90x seems to have the most grips. I did a Google search under the “Jungle Jam” name and nothing came up. Is there an alternate site I can order from other then from beach body? Having to wait 2+ weeks is totally unacceptable.

    Thank you, Gerald

  5. Maggie,

    Thank you for the great review on pull ups bars! I’m looking to buy one myself and have been doing a lot of comparing.

    My main concern is not damaging the door frames, and from what you’ve said, it seems the p90x one is out of the picture.

    The only other one I’m considering is the UD-6 at

    Any words of advice?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Thanks for the write up. I’ve been looking for reviews for a while because I don’t want to get stuck with a problemed product. seems to be pretty solid. I mind speng extra $ for the best product out there. One thing I noticed in he pictures of the other products is that the bar is to close to the wall

  7. I have the everlast pull up bar and for me it works great. very stable and strong. I didn’t buy it on-line, i got it from a sporting goods store so there was no problem with the parts. I highly reccomend it. Hope this helps. it’s like the combination of the door gym but with the grip of the Jungle Jam (not as many tho) but it’s perfect.

    Hope this helps Maggie, by the way i find your site very helpful, keep up the good work.

  8. This is the best review of doorway bars I found. I’m kind of skeptical about these bars without fasteners though. How often did the bar fall of the door frame? This is my only wonder. All else sounds like gravy to me.

  9. Chris – I’ve NEVER had either of the bars I own fall off the door frame — either during use or just sitting there. The way the bars are designed, there’s really no way for them to fall off when your weight is applied to them if your door frame is in good shape.

  10. I ordered the Easy Effort ceiling mount. I bit the bullet and splurged on myself, my hands are getting raw from my home made chin-up station using ropes tied around a beam. I will let you all know how it works out!

  11. I just purchased the P90X chin up bar, have three B-Lines resistance bands with grips, the 52.9 oz canister of P90X Peak Recovery Formula and the bottle of 60 tablets (30-day supply) ActiVit vitamins, along with the P90X DVD set and all the instructions and nutrition guide. I just took it all out of the box, and, to be honest, I’m not going to use this thing. It’s too much. I’m not ready for this. If anyone is interested in purchasing this new set, let me know. It didn’t come with assembly instructions for the chin-up bar – did they just leave out, or am I supposed to go to the website somewhere? chrischrisriddle at yahoo dot com

  12. I am trying to find an honest review of the P90x resistance bands. I have found some sites but they seem biased. Some of the bands available at local retailers seem very low quality. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  14. My product did not come with ANY screws or instructions, if anyone could let me no what size screws and bolts to get id be greatly appreciative.

  15. I just got the P90x pullup bar. The bar seems excellent, but the mounting kit is really lame. 2- 1/16th” “J-Hooks” that mount above the jam uisng four screws each are the only support . I did this and the hooks bent outward with only half my weight just testing. I just emailed BB to see what options I have. Maybe use like 6 of the hooks spead across.
    The bar looks so awespme I am going to figure a way to mount it even if BB doesn’t help.

  16. It Seems that I am having a Similar problem with the P90X pull-up bar. The bar is very sturdy but the “J-hook” support bracket would not even support my 120lb Wife let alone a 220lb Me. I am going to have to do some serious Modifications and possibly a few trips to Home Depot or Lowes to figure this out!!

  17. I have been using the Easy Effort ceiling mount bar for a few weeks now. I had to buy a bar that could work with the beams in my basement since I workout down there and there are no doors. So far, the bar has been great! It was easy to install (easier than trying to build a door frame to support the other types of bars on the market). I am able to do close grip and wide grips.

  18. I just tried to install my new P90X pull-up bar and am having the same problem with it pulling out of the wall with very little pressure. I have also emailed BB for an alternative answer. Need to figure this one out soon so I can get started!!

  19. I am having the same problem with the J hooks bending. Did anyone have a good resolution to this? I really want this chin-up bar to be installed and ready to rock n roll! Please help!

  20. FYI: I figured it out. The problem was that the door I was installing it on was to large. The J-Hooks are not even required to have this installed and working. So, if you are relying on them to keep your bar installed then you have it installed incorrectly. In the first DVD “How to bring it” there is a brief moment where the bar is shown. Watch that and then I think you will see exactly how it is supposed to look. Good luck to all!

  21. HELPPPP.
    I am having some serious problems attaching the handles to the resistance bands. i dont see how it is physically possible. please give me some suggestions. thanks

  22. Yousaf – step on the bands and then pull them tight by curling. You can get them really thin this way and slip the handles on. Worked for me!

    Good luck.

  23. The everlast bar is not good if you care about the paint on your walls. I had it up for about 2 minutes and did about 3 pull ups and it scratched up the paint above my door frame. They use what feels like sand paper to help grip it too the wall. Also I was never quite able to get it together completely correctly. My husband and I worked on it for about an hour. I would not recommend this product. I was originally going to order the door gym from Karate Depot but then found this one at the local fitness store. Big mistake. Now my husband wants me to order the P90X bar but after reading the reviews I’m a little nervous.

  24. hey….i just received my p90x chin up bar and i was very disappointed to find out that my doorframe pops out around the edges too far… i installed the brackets that came with it and i couldnt even latch it on… i even tried to assemble it again in seperate sections but no luck… are there any chinup bars out there that can fit an old prewar apt doorframe….im trying to avoid another return shipping cost…..thanks

  25. i found a pullup bar that meets all the requirements for the P90X workouts and it even looks the same as the one you get from beach body, but without the high cost and it works out great. it costs around $30 and you can get it on by typing in P90X pull up bar and this is the name of the product you’ll be looking for ” power trainer pro ” its really freat if you want to check it out

  26. I just bought the P90X dvds and chin up bar and all I can say is. “Who is going to fix the plaster holes in my walls??? The thing doesn’t rest against the wall as shown in the pictures and video’s. I feel like I’ve been duped. Will be contacting Beachbody in the tomorrow. If they can’t tell me what it is I’ve done wrong, I will be returning it. and heading to Home Depot for plaster.

  27. hi, i just found your site recently after googling p90x. thanks for all the reviews, etc. your blog is very helpful!

    in regards to the pull-up bars, which one are you using in your photos?

    thanks again.

  28. I have used both the p90x pull up bar, and the iron gym bar. the benefit to the p90x bar is the extra handles, but thats where it ends. The iron gym has a little hook for support for your bar but honestly it doesn’t need it. I was 206 pounds when I started and it held me fine, no damage to the door or wall. Installed easily and fit nice in the door, and for less than $30. The padding seemed pretty sturdy, it’s been 6 months and its now time for me to reinforce the padding, its finally given out, but I think thats not too bad. the p90x bar was too wide and left black marks from the rubber. So i recommend the iron gym bar, you lose a position or two but you save a bunch and it seems to hold itself on the wall with no need for saftey brackets.

  29. Has anyone tried the new “perfect pull-up”??? I saw an ad for it last week and it looked like a really good product.

  30. I bought the jungle jam/ p90x bar off of ebay for $31 and free shipping. so thats an option for those of you who want to save money. I believe it was a ebay store selling it, so they should have more.

  31. just got the p90x bar. having a lot of problems constructing this thing. the screws go through the holes alright, but how are you supposed to fasten those nuts on the other side? There’s nothing to fasten them against, and you can’t just screw in the bolts; there’s nothing for them to really screw into. starting this program in a few days; would like to get this sorted! thx..

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