Hello Planet Fitness!

So, I joined a new gym on Friday after receiving a tip on cheap local gyms from the Johnstonefitness.com forums. I had thought that I was set with my family add-on membership at my dad’s Bally, but when I checked my credit card statements, I realized that the Bally manager had never charged me for the membership. In fact, since I’m still not in the Bally database, I seriously doubt that the guy even bothered to call up the corporate headquarters to initiate the membership process.

Theoretically, I could keep on going to the Bally and simply get waved through as long as their card machine is broken, but I’ll be honest–I have deeply-ingrained cultural compulsions to follow rules, color within the lines, and do things properly, correctly, and well. Being in gym membership limbo at Bally made me not want to go because I expected to be booted out at any moment for not being a member with her name officially in the books. I just don’t have the moxie to keep going to Bally now that I know I really was NOT charged for the family-add on membership. It was one thing to sail past the desk with a wave when I thought I was in the right, but quite another when I know I’m not a member, LOL.

Enter Planet Fitness, a little gym located in a strip mall just five minutes from my new place. It’s a single story, no frills gym with a decent cardio deck, two pairs of dumbbells in each weight increment from 5 to 85 lbs, two squat racks, a Smith machine, one of each major type of lever/cable machine, and a Planet Smoothie at the entrance. It isn’t as rock and roll as my old Gold’s, but it also isn’t as fusty and full of lazy sitters as the Bally.

Did I mention that it only costs $10/month, with no contract? (There is a $40 initiation fee, though, but even that isn’t bad considering the monthly rate. If you are into skin cancer, crinkly wrinkles, and looking like papery leather, you can add unlimited tanning booth privileges for an additional $5 a month.)

Five minutes from home (and on the way home from work, so evening extra cardio won’t be a chore)! Ten bucks a month! No one just sitting around and gossiping!

:: swoon ::

Who cares about MTV gym decor hotness when I can roll out of bed at 7:20 am and be working out by 7:30 am for just 33 cents a day?

1: PWO dextrose/whey/creatine shake
2: 3×1 spinach omelette, 1/3 c. (dry) oatmeal, 1 T. raisins, 1 T. wheat bran
3: 3 oz. grilled chicken with 3/4 c. stir-fried veggies and rice noodles
4: Whey and apple
5: Whey and apple
6: 4 oz. sauteed tilapia, 3/4 c. cooked brown rice, 1 c. broccoli and B. sprouts

Daily Supplements: multivitamin with iron, calcium 500 + D, 1 T. flaxseed oil or natural peanut butter

Water: 16 cups minimum

8:00 AM Upper Body workout (40 minutes)
8:00 PM LISS Run (6 mph / 30 minutes)

The Awful Truth:
1. Bedtime was 2 am due to my late start Sunday morning.
2. Fingers on left hand are sore from playing so much Guitar Hero.

Brownie Points:
1. Did YF workouts on Saturday and Sunday.
2. Improved Guitar Hero skills by mastering the hammer on technique.

Short-term Goals:
1. Work on paper doll sketches.
2. Fix remaining issues with Joomla migration at Pinkdumbbells.com.
3. Locate new Events module for PDB.
4. Upgrade Community Builder component at PDB.
5. Set up archived version of The Training Journal forum at PDB from Hershey Girl’s backup.
6. Plant spring veggie garden; find organic solution for powdery stuff on eggplant leaves.
7. Make some homemade yogurt and yochee!
8. Go grocery shopping.
9. Create workout mix based on fave songs from Guitar Hero….yes, I’m that addicted.

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