2006 C1D16: Running, carbs, and Megacon

It’s official–I do run better in the evenings after a few meals than I do in the mornings on an empty stomach. I ran again last night after work for cardio, and it was so very easy to just jog slowly along at 6.2 mph for 35 minutes while watching the Olympics that I nearly fainted from shock when the time was up. I am apparently rather sensitive to the glycogen levels in my muscles when it comes to cardio.

Also, I am fairly creaky and stiff in the mornings, so the bouncy running motion is not exactly appealing at that time of day.

I must give special mention to the poor woman who was on the treadmill in front of mine. She was a 40’ish tanning booth junkie type with a big pile of overprocessed red hair clipped onto the top of her head. She was pretty small–maybe only 5’1″ or so–with matchstick legs and arms but absolutely out-sized breast implants that had to be a minimum DD cup in size. And she was bouncing along at 5.2 mph like a crippled chihuahua…in a spaghetti tank top with what appeared to be a string halter bikini top underneath.

I realize that her frontage was fake, but still…Doesn’t that HURT?


Many props to her for gamely sticking to her run, but owie! :ouch:

Chest/tris are done for today, and I plan to do a bit of YF tonight for fun, unless Chris decides to hang out at home and monopolize the TV instead of doing his usual Friday night card game with his friends.

Tomorrow is my last cardio session for this week, my second phone consultation with Kim and a day at the Orlando Megacon convention. I’ll be hanging out with some artist friends there and maybe meeting Tracer from Muscletank.net at his booth. If you see any pics from Megacon on the web, you can recognize me by my dorky red insulated lunch bag full of on-plan meals and the orange Nalgene water bottle hooked to the handle.


2/23 Report
(*Diet and workout details omitted by agreement with trainer)

Meals – On plan
Water – 15 cups
Supplements – On plan

Regular (Non-Plan) Daily Supplements – multivitamin with iron, calcium 600 + D

15 days down, 69 more to go!


Weights – Shoulders/Abs – Done
Cardio – Treadmill Run – Done

The Awful Truth:
1. Nothing!

Brownie Points:
1. Did the laundry.
2. Ran for over 20 minutes and didn’t feel like quitting.
3. Cleaned the house.

Short-term Goals:
1. Work on paper doll sketches.
2. Fix remaining issues with Joomla migration at Pinkdumbbells.com.
3. Locate new Events module for PDB.
4. Upgrade Community Builder component at PDB.
5. Set up archived version of The Training Journal forum at PDB from Hershey Girl’s backup.
6. Upgrade WordPress to 2.0.
7. Upload progress pics.
8. Check veggie garden and plant new stuff.

4 thoughts on “2006 C1D16: Running, carbs, and Megacon

  1. Studies have shown that peak times for exercise and athletic performance come in the afternoons … generally after 1 p.m. I haven’t seen the time that research says peak begins to decline. All I know is what works best for me.

    As for me, morning workouts are almost a waste. My body is too cold. I do better with cardio in the morning. Strength workouts are a joke, though. If I go too late in the day, any time after about 4:30 p.m., I’m usually too brain-tired to focus on my workout.

    Speaking of workouts, gotta get ready for mine in a few minutes.

  2. Studies have shown that peak times for exercise and athletic performance come in the afternoons … generally after 1 p.m.

    I’m starting to think this is very true.

    I work out in the mornings because my work schedule can be very unpredictable at times, and if I don’t do it first thing, it may not get done at all. It also helps to just get it over with before my brain can formulate too many excuses for skipping the gym for the day. 🙂

    My evening workouts do feel a lot stronger than my morning workouts, though, and even my lunch time sessions a few months ago were more energetic than fasted AM lifting and/or cardio.

    Unless I change careers, however, I’m stuck with primarily AM workouts for now. I am going to eating half of my breakfast before I head out to lift in the mornings next week.

  3. I’m lucky … my primary gym is about seven minutes — on foot — from my office. At $12.50/mo., it’s not quite as cheap as your gym. But the convenience alone is well worth the extra two-fiddy! :claplow:

  4. I absolutely agree with this! But it also seems to depend on what I’ve eaten for the first few meals of the day.

    (I’ve never posted before, but I enjoy reading your blog, Maggie.)

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