2006 C1D29: Karaoke Night Again

It’s karaoke night again at Gran Cru. They’ve very considerately decided to start up at 7:30 pm instead of making me wait until 9:00 pm, so I will be able to get in quite a few songs and still get home in time to enjoy a full night’s sleep before cardio tomorrow morning.

Why can’t karaoke be held during my lunch break at, say, Sushi Tomi?

There’s nothing like enjoying a sushi lunch platter before jumping on stage and crooning Peggy Lee’s “Fever.”


3/8 Report
(*Diet and workout details omitted by agreement with trainer)

Meals – On plan
Water – 17 cups
Supplements – On plan

Regular (Non-Plan) Daily Supplements – multivitamin with iron, calcium 600 + D

28 days down, 56 more to go!

Weights – Done; Cardio – Done

The Awful Truth:
1. Nothing!

Brownie Points:
1. Organized office.
2. Deposited checks at bank.
3. Finished up laundry.

Short-term Goals:
1. Work on paper doll sketches.
2. Set up archived version of The Training Journal forum at PDB from Hershey Girl’s backup.
3. Upgrade WordPress to 2.0.
4. Transplant two tomato vines and plant Swiss Chard.
5. Finish taxes.
6. File receipts and statements.

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