2006 C1D33: Some Clarification

Since what I had meant to be a humorous depiction of my gym environment has managed to ruffle a few feathers (must try taking some empathy improvement courses one day…), I thought I’d clarify my position today by re-posting one of my comment responses here:

Hardbodies or not, I *do* respect everyone at my gym for putting in the effort to be there at all. In that they are already doing better than the majority of the people in this country. I hope I didn’t imply that the men and women at my gym were weak or lazy just because they don’t operate in single-minded robo-gym rat mode, but if anyone took my post that way, please believe me when I say that it was not intentional. As I’ve said before, I freely admit to being more than a little OCD and realize that it’s a combination of personality type, comfortable socio-economic status, life stage (single, no kids), etc. that allow me to devote as much time as I do to and set a high priority on eating well and working out. 😆

What I was actually trying (and have apparently failed) to convey is my frustration with the lack of knowledge about the basics of healthy nutrition and exercise in our supposedly advanced technological society. It seems that we can find out anything we want to know about how to fix a leaky sink or resolve a computer driver compatibility issue online, but when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy body, people are either too confused by all the conflicting information they’ve heard over the years (a friend of mine calls this “analysis paralysis”) or just default to the formula of cardio plus second-hand, media-filtered tenets of the fad diet of the moment.

I feel that someone–our government, our schools, our family doctors, our gyms (who are happy to take our money every month but usually fail to provide any further guidance without a high fee)–is letting all of us down by not giving us the specific knowledge we need in order to live healthy lives and stave off all the negative medical, social, and emotional consequences of being overweight.

As cheesy as it may sound, I’d really like to see Bill Phillips’s dream of a Great American Transformation come true, not because I see those who are not physically fit as “lesser,” but because once a person HAS discovered just how simple it is to lose weight and how wonderful it feels to KNOW their body can perform anything they ask of it with ease and efficiency, they can’t help but want everyone else to become enlightened, too.

I realize, as proposed in the article that Rob mentioned, that there are plenty of people who really don’t care one way or another about losing weight or getting fit, but I do feel that for those who DO want to change there should be some easy-to-access and FREE resources to help them on their way.

3/11 and 3/12 Report
(*Diet and workout details omitted by agreement with trainer)

Meals – On plan
Water – 16 and 17 cups
Supplements – On plan

Regular (Non-Plan) Daily Supplements – multivitamin with iron, calcium 600 + D

32 days down, 52 more to go!

Weights – Back/Abs – Done
Cardio – Treadmill Walk/Run – Done

Weights – Legs – Done
Cardio – Rest

The Awful Truth:
1. Nothing!

Brownie Points:
1. Got to gym in the morning on time.
2. Cleaned kitchen.

Short-term Goals:
1. Work on paper doll sketches.
2. Set up archived version of The Training Journal forum at PDB from Hershey Girl’s backup.
3. Upgrade WordPress to 2.0.
4. Transplant two tomato vines and plant Swiss Chard.
5. Finish taxes.

3 thoughts on “2006 C1D33: Some Clarification

  1. I got what you meant. It is frustrating how little help the gyms are willing to offer. Sometimes, even when you’re paying extra. My aunt starting working out about 3 years ago and wanted the extra help and paid for a personal trainer. She got a lady who would give wussy little workouts then talk on her cell phone. She told her to get her someone who actually wanted to help her and got a guy who really did. She’s lost over 60 lbs. and 10 or 12 sizes.

    Sometimes, a little guidance is really all someone needs.

  2. Hi Maggie!

    I appreciate your clarification. I was all set to write you an “I love you Maggie, but you’re dead wrong” comment too, but now I don’t have too. 😀

    Muchas gracias!


  3. I posted this reply to my comment below, too, but here it is again, with more commentary that I thought of as I re-read this:

    Maggie- I am sorry if I did take the post the wrong way. Again, I did not mean my comment as an attack by any means. I also really appreciate your clarifications. I certainly agree with you that education is sorely lacking on health-related topics, among others. Please do not be offended by my comment; if it was too strong I do apologize. I understand what you mean and what you meant. I know you have plenty of empathy; my comment was not meant to insult you. I truly hope I did not.”
    Also, I think your proposal that SOMEONE or some organization should be providing free, concise information for those who do want to change is a very salient point. Money and ignorance should not hinder anyone from allowing their bodies to reach their full potentials.
    Your friend’s term “analysis paralysis” is an excellent descriptor. Magazines, television, celebrities, even school educators continually issue conflicting information regarding diet, health, etc., and it can be exceedingly difficult to discern how to REALLY live healthfully. Can I lose thousands of pounds in 2 days for a wedding I have to attend? If I cut out carbs altogether will I lose a ton of weight and keep it off? Can I get slim without exercising?
    Questions like these are answered differently in ads, magazines, etc.; you’re right when you say that it’s a lack of education/information that keeps many people from fulfilling their goals as far as weight, exercise, and nutrition go. It’s not that the American people are stupid; rather, they are confused, I think.

    Again, if I managed to insult you (not intended at all!) or make you feel as if you haven’t any empathy, I am terribly sorry.

    Additionally, I am only 17. I haven’t had as much experience with these topics as you have, and you certainly have a right to express your opinions. I am sorry if I took them in the wrong way.

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