2006 C1D34: Week 5 Program Modification

I got my latest program changes from Kim this morning. My diet stays the same (so far I’ve only had one modification to the diet since I received my baseline program), but cardio duration has been increased slightly per session. Target intensity level remains the same.

I am relieved that I don’t need to make any changes to my nutrition and supplementation program for the next two weeks. Even the minor tweaks from my end of February update have been causing some latent rumblings of childish rebelliousness in my subconscious. While I can’t specify exactly what those tweaks are, you can get a general idea of what I’m talking about if you read Monica Brant’s Food Tips.

The increased cardio isn’t a problem. I’m still not anywhere near the double 30-60 minute sessions I was doing on my own while following Leanness Lifestyle in the fall of 2004.

My energy levels in my cardio and resistance workouts are still quite good right now, and I am not experiencing the fatigue and dullness during the work day that I felt on Swolegenix. I do have to fight off some carb cravings at night at this point, but I am nowhere near Amyella’s pre-competition state of ravenous hunger.

I’ve been mixing up my cardio much more than usual with this program in order to prevent my body from adapting too much to any one form and to keep myself from dying of boredom as my cardio sessions have gotten longer. On BFL and other previous programs, my primary cardio has always been running–usually three 20-30 minute high-intensity interval sessions and three semi-optional low-intensity steady state sessions per week–but this time around I’ve been hitting the stationary bike and elliptical machine nearly as often as I’ve been on the treadmill, and guess what?

My running has actually improved.

More specifically, my cardiovascular endurance has improved. BFL-style HIIT runs improved my speed, but I still had issues sustaining a run for more than 3 miles without feeling fatigue and shortness of breath. With all of these daily long steady-state sessions forcing my muscles, heart, and lungs to settle into comfortable rhythms for 40 minutes and more, however, I find that I can finally comfortably handle a five-mile run at a 9-minute mile pace. I’m not breaking any speed records, that’s for sure, but I am stupidly pleased about this unexpected byproduct of Kim’s cutting program.

3/13 Report
(*Diet and workout details omitted by agreement with trainer)

Meals – On plan
Water – 16 cups
Supplements – On plan

Regular (Non-Plan) Daily Supplements – multivitamin with iron, calcium 600 + D

33 days down, 51 more to go!

Weights – Rest
Cardio – Elliptical – Done

The Awful Truth:
1. Nothing!

Brownie Points:
1. Adjusted workout schedule in PDA.
2. Collected huge pile of unwearable t-shirts from races, promotions, college parties, and other miscellaneous events and used them as fabric for making workout tanks I’d actually use.
3. Came up with a few mock-ups for Pink Dumbbells shirts.

Short-term Goals:
1. Work on paper doll sketches.
2. Sew Issey Miyake dress.
3. Upgrade WordPress to 2.0.
4. Transplant two tomato vines and plant Swiss Chard.
5. Finish taxes.
6. Sew new workout shirts.
7. Create new logo for PDB shirts.

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