2006 C1D48: Whew…

Sorry for the big gap in posts. Once again work has been rather busy with milestone builds for two major projects going out within a week of one another. I’m technically on the Winx Club project, but I also get tasks for the other handheld title, so my usual lunch break blogging time has been somewhat curtailed.

Workouts and diet have both been going on automatic for awhile now. It’s almost easier to keep on track when I have a lot of things to do. I guess when I’m busy, I have less time to think about all the stuff I can’t eat. I’ll have to give up the split morning/evening workouts for now, though, because I just have no idea when I’ll have to stay late at work. We have E3 builds to get ready for May, and alpha for both projects within 6-8 weeks after *that*, so I may have to switch to a more streamlined training schedule soon–hopefully not before I finish up my program with Kim, though.

Here’s a quick recap of the last week:
Tues, 3/21: Cardio/Weights, garden maintenance, worked late

Wed, 3/22: Cardio/Weights, garden maintenance, worked, karaoke with Ed, Damon, and Brad for 2 hours at local bar

Thur, 3/23: Cardio/Weights, garden Maintenance, worked late, planted more marigold and Swiss chard seeds, put two mango seeds into some pots for fun, filed my federal income taxes

Fri, 3/24: Cardio, garden maintenance, worked slightly late, income tax return was accepted by the IRS

Sat, 3/25: Rest, garden maintenance, drove out to Largo/St. Pete with Chris and bought two air-layered dwarf Emperor lychee trees from Jene’s Tropical Fruit Nursery, started spring cleaning, went out dancing at I-Bar downtown

Sun, 3/26: Cardio/Weights, garden maintenance, dug up more of mulched side yard and planted strawberries, transplanted tomatoes, started a bunch of lemon, key lime, and tangerine seeds in wet paper towels inside plastic bags, continued with spring cleaning, paid bills

Mon, 3/27: Cardio, garden maintenance, worked late, went to Costco to iron out some membership card issues, planted ornamental pepper seeds obtained from cool Yougrowgirl.com forum member Meighan in Canada

On the slate for this week:
– Order new contacts lenses because the current ones are giving me headaches
– Cook chicken (hehe…what else is new?)
– Organize fridge
– Clean living room
– Organize office/sewing table
– Review finances in MS Money
– Finish dress or skirt for Steve and Courtney’s wedding this Saturday

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