My love affair with audio books

Since I moved across town in December and increased my work commute from a negligible 2 minutes to over 40 minutes each way, I have been slowly going insane listening to the commercial-laden, canned pop/rock/emo/R&B music and brainless DJ blatherings on the local Orlando radio stations. For a while I entertained myself by using my drive as karaoke rehearsal time, but eventually I started to resent the length of unproductive drive time I was wasting each week.

Think about it: (40 mins/trip) * (2 trips/day) * (5 days/week) = 400 minutes/week

400 minutes/week = 6.67 hours/week

6.67 hours a week completed wasted! No wonder I feel like I don’t have enough time to read for fun anymore. My reading time has been eaten up by traffic and miles on Interstate 4. :mad2:

If I could just get an unbiased news broadcast during the drive, at least that would be somewhat educational, but for some unknown reason NPR news is never on when I’m on the road, and the only AM “news” radio station just features ultra-conservative political news hosts who make me want to scream in annoyance at their ignorance.

I hate Orlando radio.

In frustration, I upgraded my subscription from the $9.95/year 30% off regular price discount membership to the $14.95/month gold membership that includes a Monday through Friday subscription to the audio edition of the New York Times and one free audio book each month.

I’ve also been cross-referencing interesting titles from Audible with the collection at my local library to make sure I don’t squander my credits on something I could check out for free.

This week I am learning Japanese through Pimsleur’s Quick and Simple Japanese CDs and realizing that I am already doing everything I need to do to become an Automatic Millionaire thanks to the Seminole County Public Library. When I am tired of being educated, I will pop in my Audible download of Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys for some entertainment.

With proper planning, I’ll never have to listen to a local radio station again.


3 thoughts on “My love affair with audio books

  1. I loved Anansi Boys. It might be my favorite work of Neil’s to date (with the exception of Sandman).

    Tell us how you liked it when you’re done!

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