Miss Maggie Had a Garden

I’ve been saving a bit of money on fresh, organic produce lately because my experiment in square foot vegetable gardening has gone from this:

Garden, March 19

To this:

Garden, April 10

And finally, to this:

Garden, 4/29

This is the coolest present my boyfriend has given me yet. It’s like a pet and a science project all rolled up into one big package.

I guess I don’t have a brown thumb after all. 😀

7 thoughts on “Miss Maggie Had a Garden

  1. I’m just replying because I wanted to do the math quiz.

    Nice garden!

    I’m thinking about putting some stuff in my backyard, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in my abilities either. Only strawberries would be worth any amount of actual work out there.

  2. Teeheehee… How many people do you think will flub up the authentication question? :whistle: Your garden is wonderful! I can’t wait for mine to look that lush! How are you watering your plants? Just with a hose, special irrigation or ?I’m still dealing with turning over dirt in my garden, but I have seedlings started…


  3. Come work on my garden! We’re getting ready to plant, and DH has informed me that “WE” should make total use of the 150×50 ft space. :wig:

    Save me.

  4. guava–If your library has it, check out You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail. It’s a great gardening primer, and the author is a Toronto native. Yougrowgirl.com is a great resource, too.

    Irene–Hehe…simple addition shouldn’t stop anyone except the spammers using bots to bombard blogs with advertisements. I’m using a soaker hose hooked up to a timer to water my plants each morning. I still have to use a hose to water the stuff in containers, but the main garden is pretty automated. I just turn on the timer for 20 minutes and go about my business.

    Kyra–Um…I think I will stick to my mini-garden, thanks. Sheesh…you’ve got a lot of land to fill up. What are you going to plant?

  5. Geeze, I dunno. We have our standards : tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, corn, strawberries (they grow on their own now, along with the grapes), pumpkins, gourds, eggplant, water melon, onions, garlic, various flowers, carrots, and 3 kinds of potatoes. Various spices like dill. After that I’m not sure…

  6. Maggie — did you actually build the boxes for the SFG, or did you just divide your land up according to the plan and place the grids down? I’m trying to plan a veggie garden and wonder if building the boxes is worth it/necessary for the system to be most effective… Thanks!

  7. Shannon, I didn’t do the raised beds this year since our soil isn’t THAT bad and Chris (for some odd reason) didn’t like the idea of an above ground bed. Instead, we dug into the ground about 8 inches, laid down some weed stopping fabric, then filled up the bed with the original soil amended with a high quality mix of compost, peat moss, vermiculite, slow release fertilizer, and perlite we bought at the local nursery. For the plants that like to be buried deep like tomatoes, I just cut through the fabric when I transplanted the young plants.

    I did, of course, use the SFG spacing guidelines and laid out my garden with a grid made of cheapo bamboo stakes and plant tie tape.

    I don’t think the boxes are strictly necessary, but make sure you prep your soil properly and follow the spacing guidelines!

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