Treos rock!

This is the beginning of a new era for me. About a month ago I purchased an unlocked Treo 650 from the IT guy at work who had decided to switch to yet another new phone. This meant that I acquired a $599 pda/phone for $240. Except for a few cosmetic blemishes, it’s in great shape.

I thought my old separate pda and phone setup was just like having one of these all-in-one gadgets, but I realize now that I was sadly deceived. I looooooooove my Treo, I really do.

It runs all of my must-have programs–date book, HanDbase, Diet & Exercise Assistant, Shadowplan, Adobe reader, Docs to Go, and my collection of PDAmill games–and adds on the functionality of a mobile phone, audible-ready mp3 player, digital camera, and mobile web browsing and email.

I even have the incredibly useful Directory Assistant program installed, so I can locate a gym no matter where I am.


By the way, guess how this message was posted…direct from my Treo to my blog.

I tell you, I almost have a tear in my eye right now.

I have reached tech geekette nirvana.

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One thought on “Treos rock!

  1. Agree, agree… I couldn’t believe how much this device can benifit my life. I also purchased Pocket Tune, installed Core media player and a 2G card, completely turn my treo into a ipod vedio. Treo is really rock:claphigh:

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