Turbo Jam Trepidation

Last year I tried out the P90X home workout system from Beachbody.com and had some decent results on it.  I liked the hardcore nature of the workouts (pull ups and push ups, yay!), and the no-nonsense cueing from the instructor, Tony Horton.

That’s why I’m a little leery about trying out the Beachbody Turbo Jam kickboxing workouts.

I have heard good things about it from my sister, who is the princess of DVD home workouts, but there’s something that just scares me about the program.

The instructor and all of the TJ posse behind her just look so $%#!! peppy that I can’t bring myself to put the first instructional DVD into my player.  I can’t help it.  Maybe I was traumatized in a past life by a bevy of chipper cheerleaders or something, but perky rah-rah types have always struck me as a little, well, phony as hell.


I’m posting about this openly so I can’t back out of it.

Tonight, despite my aversion to bouncy flouncy pouncy workouts, I *will* give Turbo Jam a fair shake.


I will.

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11 thoughts on “Turbo Jam Trepidation

  1. OMG, you have a MATH quiz in order to post? That’s just mean….:jester:

    Hey, if I can face the push-ups and pull-ups from P90X (which I did TODAY, BTW), you can face the pep-squad areobics queens! :biggrin:

    Although, you may be right. I doubt I’ll suffer any lingering trauma (minus DH complaining how much his body hurts, the man has horrible DOMS. I’m proud to say I only have a tiny bit. Even though I gave it everything I had this morning.) While you might find yourself having recurring nightmares of bouncy ponytails, peptobismal spandex and a “cheer” girl voice hounding you…

    Well… now that I think about it… Good Luck Maggie! :jester:

  2. Don’t say anything negative about my math quiz! My comment spam has been reduced to ZERO since I added that feature.


    Are you and DH both doing P90X together?

  3. I’ve done two P90X cycles and I love the two Cardio Party turbo jam DVD’s I have – goofy but fun. 🙂

  4. As a matter of fact, YES! :claphigh: We’re doing the P90X together..but seperate. I might hurt him if we work out together… :wig: Actually, we don’t have enough equipment/space to do anything together but the yoga. That part we will be oing at the same time.

    He called me today to tell me his arms are killing him! :biggrin: I have to be honest though, I realize I’m at a bit of a disadvantage still being sick, and having the whole month off being sick (for the most part. I think I did get in one week of exercise in there) – but HE hasn’t been doing anything but periodically playing soccer now and then, and house chores ocassionally. We’re talking for WELL over a year now. I’m thinking P90X is going to flat out murder him. :shocked: I’m a little worried, but so far he is ok. And he is really into it! Very happy about doing it. So that’s a BIG improvement!

    The guy on the plyo tape said “if you play soccer this will make you a better player” and he acted like it was the first time he had heard that, and was all excited….nevermind that I have been saying that all along! 🙄 Anyway, he’s happy, and that’s excellent! The food is going to be a struggle. We’re only on day two and last night I caught him mourning his beer and chips. :eat:

    Did you go the whole 90 days without deviation from the food plan? (I’m modifying mine for less calories, obviously.)

  5. Maggie to be honest this program is just okay and average. If you don’t like dancey types of workous you won’t like it. I got no results from it. There is a lot of hype about this workout, but it is mediocre and not even close to the caliber of the X or Tony Horton workouts.

  6. Well i have been doing Turbo jam for the past 2 days and i love it. its very addictive and i dont see myself getting tired easily from it. i did the learn and burn for 2 days in a rown and the party mix. You really feel something and its not even hard to do it. well my diet is only the hardest part about this whole thing but if i can control that then im good to go. good luck to all and give it a try……….it wont hurt…..well physically it will but u know what i mean

  7. I saw this advertised while on vacation (gaining weight no doubt!) and was tempted to order it, but 9 out of 10 times I get burned doing that. My last investment was the Pilates video package…too boring. Maybe this would get me up off my butt!?

  8. :smile:I saw it adverised this morning and I am willing to try it. I believe, personally, most programs will work it is you the individual who has to work hard :dbell:at it to achieve the results. By the way they really do look a bit too :wig: peppy to be genuine.:roll:

  9. Hey Maggie, love your site. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in re: TJ. I’ve had it for a month and I’ve lost 10 pounds and a decent amount of inches…went from my size 12 jeans to my pre-pregnancy size 8’s, baby. I have been hard-core on watching calories/nutritional proportions, etc. I just got sick of being larger than I wanted to be…the kid was 2 years old and I no longer had an excuse. 😉

    That said, I grew up in Southern California, and thus I am perhaps inoculated against tiny blonde peppy types. But the tapes work for me.

  10. I have only great things to say about Turbo Jam! I lost 11 inches in my first 10 days of doing it. I’m going to give the new stability ball workout a try, too. I think the key to getting results with this program (other than good nutrition) is proper form (“the tuck”). Without that, I don’t think you’re really isolating your abs.

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