What day is it again?

For those who are interested, I will be returning to my regularly-scheduled daily progress posts on my workouts and meals next Tuesday when I get back from my mini-break road trip to Atlanta with Chris.

We’ve been in crunch (e.g. working 10 am – 10 pm six or seven days a week) for the past three weeks getting ready to send out the alpha build of our PSP game project for Konami.  I worked 12-15 hours a day for the last week, including this weekend.  I am tired beyond belief and surrounded by coughing, snuffling, diseased co-workers who lack my hardy daily-vitamin-fortified constitution. I begin to regret donating blood yesterday when the Bloodmobile pulled into the office complex, but the lure of a free $10 Darden Restaurants gift certificate was too much to resist. I’ll have to be sure to get plenty of rest and fluids over the next few days to ward off whatever mysterious virus is striking down the other people in my company.

For now, I would just like to have enough off-time to enjoy 7 hours of solid sleep per night, get a hair cut, restock my fridge and pantry, cook some meals, get my vegetable garden under control, and return to a regular workout and nutrition schedule. I also need to take my new used car in for some new tires, too.

On the bright side, I just received a $125 rebate check from Acuvue for the contact lenses I bought with my pretax flexible spending account money back in April.

4 thoughts on “What day is it again?

  1. Hi Maggie, just wondering what your final stats are now that you’ve completed your Body By O Program. Looking forward to hearing about your new workout plans and menus…by the way, I saw the entry about your low budget healthy foods challenge and would love to see you do the challenge sometime just because I’m having trouble believing it’s doable.

  2. Hi Maggie. I’m so excited that you’ll be posting again; I’ve learned so much from you!! I’m starting Slim in 6 on Sunday, then will do Power 90 Masters Series, and after that will do Body by O if I need some fine tuning!!
    I appreciate all of your knowledge and can’t wait to hear how you did on his program!!

  3. Welcome back Maggie :claplow:. Looking forward to enjoying your musings on fitness :barbells: and nutrition :eat: again, (enjoy the finance too) and occasional caustic rants too 😛


  4. Maggie,

    I would love to see more pictures of your progress. It was really helpful for me as a bench marker since we have similar muscle-skeleto structure. There is a group of us (eight friends plus myself) who are really looking at the fit lifestyle you lead and are taking it seriously. There has been some marked improvements in myself, and it would be fantastic to see your progress simultaneously. Do you still post in the John Stone forum?

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