It’s That Time Of The Year Again

So I guess I should disable the timers on my soaker hoses for the next few days, eh?Chris and I went on a road trip up to Marietta, Georgia to hang out with his father’s side of the family for his father’s 64th birthday. We drove up on Friday in my new (used, 52k miles, $10,500, will-be-paid-off-by-October-2007) 2002 Camry, spent Saturday on his brother’s posh houseboat, ventured out to IKEA in downtown Atlanta and saw Disney/Pixar’s Cars on Sunday, then motored back home yesterday.

All the while the lovely storm pictured above was meandering toward the coast of Florida, preparing, apparently, to dump about 50 gallons of water directly on my collection of container plants.

Mind you, we had set up a snaking length of soaker hose ($10.49 at Costco for 100 ft.) that would drip into each container and flat for 10 minutes every morning while we were gone, so the plants were already sufficiently watered. The wall of water that hit just as we got home around 4:30 pm yesterday was, at the very least, overkill.

When I get caught up with laundry, cooking, fitness planning, and hooking up the triple rail Kvadrik curtain panel system I acquired at IKEA, I have about two dozen plants to re-stake, re-pot, and generally help recover from being flattened by Alberto’s rains.

And yes, my monster tomato plant did fall over. Again. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of The Year Again

  1. Jason’s dad lives in Marietta, GA, we’ll be there next week! 🙂 It’s our one stop during our weeklong journey as we uproot ourselves from the west coast and re-settle on the east coast. I’ve never been, anyplace that’s a must see while we’re there in Marietta/Atlanta?

  2. All I saw of Marietta was the lake nearby and the inside of a movie theater! 🙂 The IKEA in Atlanta was pretty cool, but you probably have two or three of them close to you in Cali.

  3. Hey Maggie. Here is a little reason why I train, and chose running as the reason to train. Just sharing my experiences…they may or may not help you or anyone else, but sharing is the fun part in blogging, so here goes.

    I woke at 4am, did my RT (P90X), and then did a sunrise run to the cliffs near my home. It was a crystal clear summer morning at low tide, so I ran out on the tidepool rocks as far out as I could, to a point normally under sea water. I stood there in amazement, surrounded by sea anemone and starfish, the pelicans gliding 4 inches off the water in search of breakfast, the sun coming over the horizon. In the distance was Catalina Island, where I will run 50 miles this Jan.

    From Florida to California, summer running is out of this world.

    🙂 phil

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