Cheapass Challenge Plan


– Spend no more than $40/week averaged over a 12 week period for food, supplements, equipment, and gym fees associated with completing a 12-week Body-For-Life challenge. ($480 total)
– Cost of weekly cheat meal does not count against the $480 I have to spend on my challenge.
– The ingredient/material cost of any meals provided to me free by my company during weekends or late night work sessions will be estimated and counted in my budget.


– Cycle calories between 1200-1600 calories per day as needed to produce desired results
– Total daily macros between 50/30/20 and 40/40/20 carb/pro/fat (Not per meal)
– Six meals per day with carbs reduced in meals 5 and 6
– Daily multivitamin and calcium 600 + D plus EAS and Instone supps
– 16 cups of water minimum per day (1 cup with morning workout, 2 cups with each snack meal, 3 cups with each main meal)
– Each week’s menu will be planned out and cooked ahead of time.
– One optional cheat meal per week may be taken for the duration of the challenge. – No foods from the banned list may be consumed at any time, including cheat meals.

Banned Foods: Baked pastries/desserts (brownies, cakes, pies, cookies, etc.), trail mix, nuts and dried fruit not in recipe, cheese and other dairy, ice cream, anything deep-fried (chips included), candy.

– Get to gym by 7:00 AM on weekdays, 9 AM on weekends

Resistance training schedule:
* Weeks 1 & 3: FGX (M, W, F)
* Weeks 2 & 4: Full Body Blitz (M, W, F)
* Weeks 5-8: Body By O (Sa, Su, T, W)
* Weeks 9-12: SGX (Sa, Su, T, W)
* Weeks 13-16: BFL (M, W, F)

Cardio training schedule:
* Weeks 1-4: 30 minutes (M, W, F), 45 minutes (T, Th, Sa)
* Weeks 5-8: 30 minutes (Sa, T, W), 45 minutes (M, Th, F)
* Weeks 9-12: 45 minutes (Sa, T, W), 60 minutes (M, Th, F)
* Weeks 13-16: 30 minutes (M, W, F), 60 minutes (T, Th, Sa)
* No cardio on Sundays

– Bedtime is 11:30 PM during the work week.
– If a workout is missed due to work or social commitments, it must be made up within 7 days.
– Workouts missed due to injury or dire, disabilitating illness do not have to be made up. 😉
– Weight, exercise, and meals will be tracked in Diet and Exercise Assistant daily

3 thoughts on “Cheapass Challenge Plan

  1. Thanks for putting everything I’ve been thinking about doing for the past few weeks in an organized fashion right before my eyes. Good work so far. Been living off of $103 a month for the past two months though, and last month had $5 dollars left over. 🙂

  2. Hi Maggie,

    I came across your website and checked out your photos. You’ve accomplished amazing results! Congratulation!

    I was reading your current program and you are doing 6days/week of cardio. Isn’t that too much cardio? Many tips I’ve, they said to do 30min/day 3 day/week. Body For Life also recomended that too.

    I am 30years old, 5’2 and my goal is to loose body fat and seeing lean mucsles, I would like to look like you! 🙂 I’ve been using beach body products for two years now. I’ve completed slim series and p90X. I just started p90X, 2nd round, doing Double version. If you have anymore tips, please let me know. Oh, I eat 5 meals/day and whey protein.


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