Cheapass Challenge Initial Equipment List

Here’s the starting list of equipment, supplements, and services for this challenge. I’ve averaged the total cost out over 12 weeks and subtracted the amount from my $40/week budget target, leaving $21.29/week for groceries.

Of course, anyone NOT planning on entering the official EAS Body-for-Life and/or Instone Nutrition Lifechange challenges can simply subtract the cost of the supplements I purchased to qualify as a contestant. Males might also omit the calcium 600 mg + D supplement, but females who don’t consume much dairy in their diets should seriously consider keeping it.

EAS only requires that one EAS product be purchased and used during their Body-for-Life challenge, but Instone’s rules state that participants need to buy one product per month to qualify. I decided to pick up one canister of EAS l-glutamine powder that should last the entire challenge. On the Instone side, I bought one bottle of the Pre-Workout Intensity caplets which contain, from what I can tell, an innocuous mix of caffeine, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), vitamin B-12, and cocoa extract. I plan to buy a 4 pack of Instone’s protein pudding each remaining month to meet the purchase requirements.

I opted for a cheap $10/month gym membership at Planet Fitness instead of picking up home equipment because the membership fee was very reasonable and no long-term contract was required. I’ll post an alternate starting list with a basic home gym set up of bench and dumbbells once I have a chance to check out prices at the local stores.

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8 thoughts on “Cheapass Challenge Initial Equipment List

  1. OMG maggie, I clicked on the Planet link, and they actually had one in VT (brand new) and they had pictures (some poor woman gets to be immortalized with the bigbutt shot at the desk, poor lady. I would have dove behind the counter) and I about freaked when I saw it was all NEON yellow and purple…. Are they ALL like that?!?! HOW can you work out in that and not get a migraine???

  2. For $10 a month, I can put up with a bad color scheme. Mine is purple and yellow with black and pink accents. 😉

    Besides, I don’t look at much besides my own reflection at the gym anyway. :biggrin:

    Seriously, though, only about half the equipment at my location is the official purple PF stuff.  The rest is older red/white machinery left over from the days when the location was a World Gym or something. Also, all the cardio machines face out toward the windows, so you can either look at the parking lot, the TV screens, or a few other patrons on the cable machines.

    The gym doesn’t offer any group classes or kiddie care, but I never used those services anyhow.

  3. I hope the they keep the one near you cleaner than what we have. It’s so bad that people won’t use the showers after working out because there is mold and mildew taking over the locker room walls. :yuck:

  4. Stacy–Ew! Mold? :crazy:

    So far the PF I use is pretty clean. The worst thing I can really say about it is that it lacks 2.5 lb dumbbell increments and a lying leg curl machine. Oh, and it isn’t open 24 hours like my old stomping grounds at Gold’s. Sigh…I guess that’s what the home bench, Powerblocks, and P90X set up is for…

  5. Yes, they have mold.

    Hubby was looking into Planet Fitness after the gym that he was going to wanted $800.00 to re-new for a year. 🙄 I refuse to pay any gym an amount close to a mortage payment. Yes the place was clean and had the most up to date equipment, but all he was doing there was lifting weights once or twice a week and spin classes.

    Besides all the filth and not offering spin classes at Planet Fitness, we decided that while their rates may be cheap, it wasn’t worth the money. If hubby wants to lift weights, I use P90X. Dumbells and resistance bands are pretty cheap and he won’t be putting his health at risk working out from home. For riding, he can use his bike or the stationary bike. It’s not quiet the same as spin, but it’s those or nothing.

  6. Hi Maggie,

    Congratulations on the plan and your new goals. I think you’ll find that your fitness focus and goals will bring so much energy and balance to your life that your hectic 12 hour work days will take care of themselves.

    I have my “stove theory” of balancing priorities in life. I put fitness (for me its training for marathons/ultras and P90X) on the front burners and focus my intensity there. I place my work and relationships on the back burners. If I focus and execute on my fitness front burners, I notice that the back burners simmer and bubble all by themselves. For me, fitness leads to success in everything else. :barbells:

    Good luck on the challenge, and its so great to have Maggie back!!! :claplow:


    ps: I can run for 8 straight hours outside in natures beauty in a very thoughtful and happy state of mind, yet I can’t handle 30 minutes on a treadmill without becoming insanely bored and miserable.

  7. Thanks Phil! I think this challenge will keep me inspired for quite a while. I absolutely must kick some serious butt on this one just so I can point back to these posts in the future whenever someone tries to tell me why they can’t afford the time or money to improve their health and lives by getting into shape. I know it can be done, but there will always be doubters until I can provide some actual documented proof through photos, stats, and accounting tables. 🙂

    RE: outdoor vs. treadmill running – I’m not sure that running will ever be a love of mine. I do it despite having the wrong build (short, muscular legs/small lung capacity) and muscle type (fast twitchers) for it because I’m a stubborn wench who refuses to admit that a stupid exercise can defeat her. And it sure burns a lot more calories than cycling and can be done just about anywhere.

    Outdoor running is a lot less tedious than indoor…but NOT in the 95 degree (and up) temperatures and humidity that plague Florida for nine months out of the year. I remember it being a lot more pleasant to run in Washington and Germany, and I REALLY hated running back then in the Army.

  8. I hear ya Maggie on the humidity and heat of Florida; it’s definitely tough to run in a sauna. I tell you though, this morning I saw a school of probably 100 dolphin playing in the cove near my house in Cali. It was 6:30am so I had the bay to myself (it Abalone Cove in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif if you want to check it out on Google Earth).

    Thanks for the lead on the Instone Protein pudding. I bought a bunch today and its delicious!! Happy fourth.


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