CAC C1D6W1: Boyfriend Back Envy

I slept in until 8 this morning, then had breakfast and did a 30 minute Yourself Fitness cardio workout in the dining room with my laptop while Chris was hogging the living room (my usual YF Xbox workout space) watching Sin City. I finished up gasping and wheezing from the combo of fast step ups followed by frog leaps and a million jumping jacks while listening to the movie behind me and felt a lot better about my day since I kicked it off with a planned workout instead of just vegging out in front of the TV on my butt. 😉

THEN–OMG!!–Chris actually came over to the dining room area where I keep the bench and Powerblocks, picked up a Pblock set to 30 lbs, and did an experimental curl.

I (ever so casually, so as to avoid scaring him off) then asked him if he’d like to try a short upper body workout that would last no more than 35 minutes, and he AGREED.



I dug up a blank copy of the log sheet I used for Swolegenix workouts and let him do an upper body/chest workout while making sure he had the correct form. Alas, the boy is a bit out of condition and had to stick to weights that were nearly identical to what I lift now (and I’ve been out of it for a month due to work and laziness, so I’m about 5-10 lbs below my usual weights as well), but I am just jazzed that he was willing to finally try a weight workout at all.

Hopefully I’ll be able to convince him to do the other two workouts in the program later this week and get him on a regular routine. You know how it is with guys–they barely have to do ANYTHING and they’ll get buff, especially a borderline ectomorph like DBF. He already eats pretty clean since he has to live with me and eat my cooking, so all that is missing is the regular resistance training and some cardio.

Watching him while he went through the short routine, I could already tell that he’d probably have the ripped and muscled back that *I* can’t ever seem to achieve within a month if he just kept up with the lifting and integrated some pull-ups at home, even without all the specialized machines at a full gym. (He won’t get a gym membership because he says he feels guilty going to an actual facility to workout when he only goes to the martial arts school where he is an assistant instructor 1-2 times a week.)

I fully admit that I have severe back envy right now as I, unlike Chris, seem to store a lot of my subcutaneous flab on the dorsal side of my body and didn’t spend the first 22 years or so of my life as a competitive swimmer. I probably won’t see any lovely muscled bumps on my back and hammies until I am sub-12% body fat.

Not fair!

Back to me, though–after making sure Chris didn’t hurt himself and feeding him a recovery whey/creatine/glutamine/dextrose shake, I took myself off to the gym and did my scheduled 30 minute run on a treadmill at a leisurely (but still sucky in terms of enjoyment level–I swear that I will find a cardio I actually enjoy after I finish the Rock n’ Run 5k on September 30 and only run once a week for the rest of my life!) 6.3 mph.

Meals 1-4 are done and on plan for the day, and I’m down to 137.4 from last Sunday’s TOM bloated weight of 140.4 lbs. I’ve also discovered that a scoop and a half of vanilla whey protein, two cups of ice, two packs of Splenda and a cup of cooled jasmine tea make a pretty tasty snack shake and a possible alternative to the utterly divine but calorically disastrous bubble milk tea that I do so love. I must find the stats on the tapioca boba pearls that are usually present in bubble tea to see if I can get away with this as a snack in the future.

Mmmmm….BFL-friendly bubble tea!

Grocery price list, starting photos, and other Cheapass Challenge minutiae to follow by Sunday afternoon!

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