CAC W6D1: Still Slooooooooooow

My team worked through the weekend again, which was pretty much what I guessed would happen when I heard that our producer from Konami was coming back for a follow-up visit this week and expecting to see a lot of updates to our current beta build candidate. I did find out that a logo design and layout I did a while back has been OK’ed for the final box art on the PSP Winx game, though, so that was sort of nifty.

I haven’t had the opportunity to go grocery shopping for this week, but I overbought a bit last week, so I have enough to last me through another day or two before I need to restock my veggies, fruit, soy milk and rice cakes. I’m almost out of natty peanut butter, too, which is pretty exciting since I plan to motor over to Whole Foods and try out the Make-Your-Own-Fresh-PB thingie my sister mentioned to me the other week. The cost of the peanut butter is comparable to the stuff I buy off the shelf, so why not? I’m going to dump in some salt and a few packets of the Splenda I bought at the beginning of this challenge and have barely used. Seriously, though, if I weren’t on my last peach and two apples, I’d try to stick it out for another 3 days or so, but c’est la vie.

I did manage to steam boil another round of eggs (21 per week) from the batch I picked up last week, so I’m good on eggs until next Monday.

I ordered my required Instone Nutrition product for the month of July last night: 4 cups of the chocolate high protein pudding from I needed to pick up a few other essentials that I never remember to pick up anyway (hair stuff, Carmex, etc.) so I added the pudding to my cart to take advantage of the free shipping and sale. Cost: $6.39, tax-free, no shipping charges. It pains me to pay so very much for four servings of any food when I could easily squeeze two or three times that many meals out of $6.39, but I must follow the rules of the official challenge.

As far as my running progress goes, I’m still a turtle. I ran my timed 5k this morning for cardio and came in at 28:31, about 28 seconds faster than last Monday, but still pretty awful. I was close to my goal pace during the first half of the run when the sun wasn’t quite out yet, but on the way back, I could feel my energy draining away as the temperature climbed and my glycogen stores completely drained.

Running in Florida during the summer on a caloric deficit just blows.

After the Rock n’ Run on September 30, this lil’ cardio snail is giving up the running shoes and switching to indoor, air-conditioned plyometrics, kickboxing, and YF calisthenics for the rest of her life. Physical activity in the great outdoors is highly overrated when you live in the sub-tropics.


1. 1/3 c. oatmeal, 3 T. raisins
2. Cheesecake Factory official weekly cheat meal: 1/2 order Vietnamese shrimp summer rolls, Thai chicken lettuce wraps, several bites of Chris’s Bang-Bang Thai chicken curry
3. Nothing (Still stuffed from #2)
4. 1 unsalted rice cake, 1/2 T. all-natural peanut butter, 1 scoop whey
5. 4 oz. chicken breast, 3 c. Romaine salad, 2 T. Kraft Free Zesty Italian dressing, 1 peach
6. 1 c. light soy milk, 1 scoop whey

Water: 16 cups

Supplements: multivitamin, calcium 600+D, EAS l-glutamine

Calories: 1803 calories (48.0% carb/38.2% pro/14.6% fat)


* Lower Body Workout (60 min)
* YF Flexibility (65 min)

Calories burned: 761 calories

DEFICIT: -623 cal (Target: -632 cal/day)


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