Geeky Sewing Project

I saw this shirt at a few months ago and simply had to have it to announce my status as a game geekette who works out. :dbell:

Body by...Tee

Of course, it only comes in the universally unattractive blocky male t-shirt style, so I had to do a bit of modification after my size small shirt arrived.

Here’s my version with the sleeves cut off, contrast white panels added to the shoulders, and major tapering and fitting on the side seams of the body.

My Body by PS2 shirt

I love wearing this one to the gym…and it’s not exactly a lie since I do work out with Yourself Fitness regularly….

7 thoughts on “Geeky Sewing Project

  1. ok. TOTALLY stupid question. HOW do you get such a good picture of yourself? whenever i try to do a full body shot it always comes out at a funny angle and i usually end up cutting off half of my legs or head or something equally as dumb. any tips? thanks!! (love the shirt make-over. i do that with almost every t-shirt i’ve ever owned!)

  2. Quick couple questions: are your fats coming from the peanut butter only, or do you ever take fish oil caps? Is a rice cake good for you (I though the high GI carbs were like white bread)?

    Great work Maggie. You are kicking butt…and you are not THAT slow by the way.


  3. Phil – thought I’d jump in here since I eat Rice cakes as well (and I’m a food Nazi) 🙂

    There is one ingredient in Quaker Salt Free Rice Cakes:
    Whole Grain Brown Rice

    They’re about 7 g of carb per cake and they are most definitely not like eating white bread. 🙂

  4. Hah, I love your new shirt!! How do you do all that tailoring and adding of panels? I’ve got to learn how to sew like that!

  5. Kyra and Stacey – Thanks!

    Sarah – I tried to have my boyfriend take my pics this time, but I soon realized that *I* was better at it using just a barstool with a cardboard box on top of it and the 10 second timer on my digital camera. 😉 My best tip is to set up your camera at waist height or above on a stable surface, then check through the viewfinder to estimate where you should stand to completely fit in the frame. Make sure you have plenty of light and disable the flash if you can. (Flash really blows out your photos and causes any definition you might have to disappear.) Then take some test shots with the timer to get your positioning right.

    Having a full length mirror set up next to the camera so you can see what the camera “sees” is helpful, too. I usually take about 5-10 shots on each side and pick out the ones that best represent me, or, at the very least, don’t feature a shot of me blinking!

    phil – I cook with a light spray of olive oil to supplement my fat intake, and as far as the rice cakes go…what Amy said. 🙂

    MsMiniducky – I’ll see if I can post step-by-step instructions in the near future. I plan to redo a couple of other men’s tees the same way, including my much beloved “G*E*E*K” one.

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