Leechmobile Field Report

I am not generally a rah rah volunteer for community service type, but I do perform one semi-regular service for the masses – I try to donate a pint of blood every 8 weeks or so. I think I donated for the first time as a senior in high school, and, realizing that it was no big deal, I’ve participated in every convenient blood drive near my schools or workplaces.

So today I’m posting from the bloodmobile at my office complex. I have to type this left-handed on Treo since there is a giant needle and a few yards of tubing attached to the right arm. This is a pretty slow process.

Ugh. Never mind. I will post again when I have access to a normal keyboard and use of both hands.

Right now I am going to squeeze out some more blood and rejoice over the $10 Wal-Mart gift card I received for my blood. That’s a whole week of Cheapass Challenge food you know!

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4 thoughts on “Leechmobile Field Report

  1. I had to post..

    Last September, I was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia, a subtype of AML. I immediately went into remission after my very first round of chemo, :claphigh: and there I stay…at any rate, a very huge part of my treatment was blood product transfusions, platelets and packed red cells, and all I can say to you is THANK YOU!!!! 😀 People like you help people like me everyday. Sadly, there is always a need for blood donors, and happily, people like you are there for those in need.

    Take care.

  2. Maggie, You’ve cured your OCD…no updates in 2 weeks!

    My challenge is going great. I’m applying the “Burn and Feed” and its working great, especially the eating complex carbs during and immediately after my workouts, then protein and fruits/veg only thereafter. I’m doing P90X resistance from 4-5am, running 1-2 hours then, and sometimes a bands P90 workout at noon at the beach (next door to my office). Its working great.

    Hope to hear about your CAC results soon…always inspiring, and I can use all of that I can find.


  3. ps: hope everything is OK. don’t mean to pressure you and really hope nothing has gone wrong. just want you to know we miss ya 🙂


  4. Maggie where are you?:sad: We miss your updates and sage words of advice, please post again soon!:wink:

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